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10 Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners 2017

The 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Series is back with a list of beginner guitars! We take a closer look at an array of models from 2016 – 2017 to showcase playability, tone, value and what makes them most ideal for guitarists just starting out. (Chris accidentally mistakes macassar for rosewood during #8. Doh!)

1. (3:10) Fender CC-60SCE: https://www.alamomusic.com/fender-cc-60sce-concert-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural/
2. (5:54) Yamaha FS830: https://www.alamomusic.com/yamaha-fs830-small-body-acoustic-guitar-natural/
3. (7:25) Yamaha FG850: https://www.alamomusic.com/yamaha-fg850-mahogany-dreadnought-acoustic-guitar-natural/
4. (9:30) Fender CD-140SCE: https://www.alamomusic.com/fender-classic-design-series-cd-140sce-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural/
5. (12:21) Guild D-240E: https://www.alamomusic.com/guild-westerly-collection-d-240e-dreadnought-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural/
6. (14:23) Epiphone Inspired by 1964 Texan: Coming Soon!
7. (17:48) Martin DJR2E: https://www.alamomusic.com/martin-djr2e-sapele-acoustic-electric-junior-guitar/
8. (20:48) Martin DX1RAE: https://www.alamomusic.com/martin-x-series-dreadnought-spruce-rosewood-acoustic-electric/
9. (25:24) Taylor A10e: https://www.alamomusic.com/taylor-academy-series-a10e-dreadnought-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural/
10. (28:27) Taylor 114e Walnut: https://www.alamomusic.com/taylor-114e-grand-auditorium-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural/

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  1. Hi, do you recomend the ovation standard electric acoustic line? They are almost at the same price that the fender cd 60sce.
    Thank you very much

  2. Im looking for my first guitar and obviously i dont want to spend a l t money just somenthing modest to fall in love

  3. I liked the video, but it is a shame that you processed the audio and added so much bass in the eq. Why did you do that? Just let us hear and compare the natural sound of each guitar, if that's not too much trouble to ask. To make up our minds, we don't need 'pumped up' bass sound recordings. That more or less undermines the goal of this video – to make honest comparisons.

  4. Wish guitars had wider necks,my fingers all bunch up,have heard Zagreb have wide necks,like this vid,from struggling beginner.

  5. Oh i have to say tho that info wise it is very good : )

  6. All guitars sounds about the same with that mic setup, maybe it is to near the guitars and that's why it sounds to bass'y. So the whole point to give a taste in each guitar dies out, because the clearness that guitars normally are able to produce just isn't there, sorry to say. But the effort is nice tho, and a good ide as a help for beginners, i only wish that guitar presentation sound was better, as it is now it's more or less pointless.

  7. sandy theviolinelover

    FENDER is top

  8. Holy shit Taylor's are the boss.

  9. SOMEONE PLEASE REPLY! I want to play guitar so bad,ive never played a real song on a guitar and i want this to become a hobby, should i buy a cheap 50 dollar guitar for my first one and then upgrade when i decide if i want to take my hobby to the next level?

  10. Sophia

  11. What kind of guitar I can what kind of guitar did you have advised that I can get for my hands cuz my hands are so small and what did I think what kind of guitar can get for my hands so I can play guitar cuz it's going to be my first time playing guitar and I want to learn how to play guitar know one of them coming via fans and playing guitar all the time

  12. Being an old guy, can I ever relate to everything you said (except, that is, being in a Mariachi band). I bought my first guitar in T.J.. It was a 12-string made out of plywood and cheap coat hangers by sadistic prisoners from the Tijuana Jail whose sole intent was making young guys from San Diego's finger tips bleed. Being left-handed didn't help, either, as I had to re-string the darn thing. The bridge was all wrong for a lefty or a righty – think it was straight across instead of at an angle. It's no wonder I could never could tune it right. The neck had no steel rod re-enforcement and bowed so badly I could shoot pencils across the school yard and over the fence. Loud it was, though, plus, it built character, stubbornness, strong finger muscles, huge callouses on my finger tips (after the bleeding finally stopped), and a vile vocabulary I have retained to this day. After I threw the damned thing into the bay, the other cheap guitars I bought later seemed like gifts from the gods by comparison. The only "action" I ever got from that old 12-string's fret board was a trip to the principal's office. Got none from the girls, either.
    "Them were the good old days" ~Roger Miller – 1965

  13. ???? No price for the Taylor 114E ?

  14. Infomercial?

  15. The Takamine GN20 NS is awesome

  16. Ok. ¿Y cómo suenan?

  17. I have a guitar from Kona . For me its hard to fret. I have not play since 1983. Can you tell me what I need to do to make it fret easier for me?

  18. taylor gs minis can fit young beginners really well! same as the baby taylor. the yamaha apx2 is ok too (not positive if that’s what it is)

  19. yamaha f310 or fs100c?

  20. Robbie Cleigh Marks

    I know you said not to……….. but…. Epi Masterbilt………. sorry I had to :I

  21. One word: takamine. Can't beat them, they are literally on par with mid level high range brands.

  22. I have played guitar for so long, but still consider my self as a beginner ;-( i play to an Ibanez PF5-BK-14-05 Im not even sure if its for a beginner, it was given to me long ago, I would like to get another guitar,

  23. Shoot i dont care i baught one at rhe pawn shop for 70 bucs

  24. I tried many Guitars, but this classic Yamaha C7 is awesome is sounding and price ,

    Rather than going for multiple guitars at different stages, you can buy this one single guitar which suffice in all stages of learning : http://fkrt.it/lCV7~nuuuN

  25. Is it just me or do all these guitars sound like they are stuffed full of cotton. I think it's time for a new mic.

  26. hey I'm from the rgv too brother!

  27. Matheus dos santos rodrigues

    Here in Brazil, every guitar showed in the video is very expensive. So none of them can be considered beginner guitars here. Sad.

  28. Mogith Pushparaj


  29. It would be great if you played the same song on each guitar.

  30. What town from the rgv? I’m from Mcallen lol!!

  31. I am a beginner just getting into playing and I wonder what is your take on Art and Luthrie Legacy series?

  32. How many of these come in a lefty version?

  33. I like the mini martin i personally have an older american made Taylor Big Baby that i picked up used off CL about 7? years ago im only a here and there strummer that plays a basic rhythem for my daughter to sing to. the small body guitars are awe IMO theyre so versitale and easy to travel with. great for camping and little road trips. This was a good video thanks

  34. Who in their right mind would buy a $600-700 guitar for someone to learn on who may not even play it after a few times. Totally moronic post. Just for this, i would buy something else from Amazon just cause of how stupid this video is.

  35. While I've always been a huge fan of Martins and Taylor, and I'm talking strictly from a tone standpoint, you can get some really nice sounding guitars at lower price ranges. This video is well made and has a lot of good suggestions and information. However (and of course there's always a however) if you're talking beginner, outside the first two guitars here, I wouldn't recommend any of these. Even those two are on the higher end of beginner price.

    A beginner's guitar, in my opinion, shouldn't exceed 200 dollars. Ibanez makes some decent models. Luna, Fender or Yamaha as well. For around 150-200 you can get a really full sounding instrument that won't break you.

    These are more seasoned intermediate to pro level guitars. I'm a sound engineer. So while I'm a believer in quality comes with an increased cost in most cases, having the ability to pull harmonics out and shape your sound gives the ability to get by even on a pro level with a guitar under 500.

  36. 1 and 3/4 is wider than 1 and 11/16

  37. no price point on the taylor 114e

  38. GET to the point. Too much waffle.

  39. yamaha f310 is better

  40. I can't believe I like better the epiphone texan better than the guild… martins are complex sounding and very nice but more … expensive and same with taylors… too expensive…

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