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20 Minute Guitar Practice Routine for Beginners (Beginner Guitar Course Level 1 lesson 7)

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  1. People talk about calluses developing, but never any specifics. I found that if they get too stiff and raised, I want to pick and chew at them cause they’re irritating..if you warm your fingers with warm water, then gently give the calluses just a couple of strokes on a pumice stone, it takes off the irritating edges without removing the whole callus..you work hard getting them, take care of them!!

  2. lol you said not to practice too long but i started playing from when I woke up 10am and haven't stopped and it's 8pm

  3. You are a great teacher… heading over to the website

  4. sir your guitar model number please ask me

  5. Listens to his videos after playing already for 2 hours then throws away his guitar

  6. I m 47y, and just start learning guitar for the very 1st time .
    Your video help me a lot ! Thnk You very much!
    Edwin from Indonesia

  7. Thank you! After one month I can (more or less) play the 3 songs along the record! Thank you again for teaching ^^

  8. G'day from down under Andy!! Have just started learning as of a month ago. Have learned a lazy, 2 finger, E/G/F routine that i combine for a simple version of Civil War – Guns N Roses through a mate, but thought i would learn what i need to properly to understand and play full chords using 3 and eventually 4 fingers. Your videos are AWESOME! I am almost fully comfortable with E to A transition. Just a few more days and i will progress to stage 2 !! Cheers.


  9. I know I'm late to the party but just started guitar and I'm thrilled by the possibilities and your videos make it so easy to understand and practice the essentials and techniques etc, I'm pre much just saying thank you for the time you put in to make these

  10. I recognise that Les Paul in the background, ive the exact same one. You sound local andy lad, where are you based ? Really great lessons BTW. 🙂

  11. Thanks and appreciate your lessons here, knowledge is power for sure, however theirs SO MANY teachers out here that attempts to just use their agenda through lessons, you seem sincere Andy and as i mentioned, I do appreciate your hard work.

  12. You're YouTube video lessons are very helpful. Thank you. I will try to stay with it 20 minutes every day and progress along with your videos 🙂

  13. Hi Andy! Just started my lessons today 🙂 Never touched a guitar before but, your lessons are so great that I spent all the afternoon practicing. I almost can play the For what it's worth' by Buffalo Springfield 😀

    Thank you very much!!!

  14. finally finish level 1 whooohooo yeeey… thank you Andy 🙂

  15. Been playing for two days and this channel is already helping so much thank you +andyguitar

  16. Thanks Andy, great video, though I couldn't find any video from you on for what it's worth?

  17. how do u tune the gutair? ??

  18. Exellent, really excellent. Many thanks.

  19. I love how your guitar sound. I got my own few years ago but I didnt have the time to learn it. I'm starting my lessons by watching your video. I will let you know the progress. I am not sure on my guitar modal but is it important for me to have a good one to get good sounds?

  20. How do you know when to move on?
    How long should you stay on each lesson/ song/ practice routine

    Watch this video where I coach you how to measure your progress so you know when to move on!

  21. Hi Andy, what's the model of your guitar please? Cheers Martin

  22. can u do green day-wake me up when September ends

  23. thanks for the videos! how long would you recommend staying at this level/practice routine?

  24. can we use this for ukulele? btw good vid

  25. can u plzz do a blink 182 cover on any song plz!!

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