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3 Country Lead Guitar Tips – Free Guitar Lesson

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In this guitar lesson Nate Savage will show you three ways to make your lead guitar playing sound more country using a few basic guitar scale shapes that you may already know. You will be surprised at how country you can make your playing with just these three simple concepts.
Each of these ideas has a lick that goes with it so you can see how to apply them a practical way. There is even a jam track available so you can experiment with these concepts to some real music. If you’ve been struggling with how to use your major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, or blues scale to make your solos sound more country, this lesson will be great for you. Take it one idea at a time and add this jam track to your daily practice if country lead guitar is a priority for you.
Click the link below to download the jam track:


  1. this is stuff i use on a daily, but still watch alot of videos, always open to learn, or see techniques i use from other perspectives. have seen a great many videos of great tips, either poorly explained or left vague as far as practical application. thought you did a great job tho, without dragging on, or putting alot of excess information. the point across quick and effectively, as well as great examples of practical app. good job

  2. excellent lessson, presented well, thanks for the jam track..

  3. 14 minutes ? 3 tips. You need a dog.

  4. Jeez, great lesson man. Thanks!

  5. would love to know more newer and older my buddies have started playing different gigs and want me to play lead but still learning so this is very helpful because we play alot of country music

  6. You are a great player and knows how to teach perfectly! Just the right pace and insights.

  7. the run up the F# scale at 751 is very cool– you seem to be stepping back down at certain points? Almost like playing in 3rds: what is that?

  8. Terrific lesson! Easily one of the best I've seen. Way to go!

  9. All true, but the use of the blues/rock scale (minor) is new to "country" music, and actually represents the new rock/country style.

  10. killer lesson! I learned a ton!

  11. Thanks Nate,I've learnt a lot from you.Will you continue having more country lessons?

  12. Great lesson Nate, Thanks. How can I get that country sound from my Tele. I changed Pups and settings and still can't get that sound. When I do those bends it has a Clapton sound which is good for rock but not country. again Thanks

  13. Very well done!!!

  14. Great tips Nate. What pickups are those? Doesn't look like the typical Tele neck pick up.

  15. Could you be able to play the same on acoustic guitar or no

  16. Pemberton Ward III

    Great Adjunct to the Guitar System. You Rock Nate!

  17. i cant under anything

  18. hi nate savage Jacob here


    Can you do a tutorial on XO by Eden Project ? 🙂

  20. Another winner from Mr Savage 😉 Some YouTube instructors waffle on too much but this chap demonstrates theory and playing at the same time from the get – go. No long winded guff to suffer through – just pure musical knowledge and instruction! Excellent. PS, is that neck pickup an SD?

  21. ●Ambient Jamaa●

    Really helped, thanks so much 🙂

  22. Hello my friend!!! Thanks for doing this!!!! My only question is if you practice acoustic guitar aswell!!! Or if you could do a acoustic toutorial too!!!!!
    Thanks man!!! 'Till the next time!!

  23. From Turkey 😡😠😆😬😀😆😥😢😯😂😁😁

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