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5 Beginner Bass Lines – Guaranteed To Impress [With Tabs On Screen]

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In this lesson, you’ll learn 5 beginner bass lines that people will recognize and love – and get people to pay attention to YOUR playing.

You see, bass is usually a ‘supporting’ instrument that goes unnoticed. There are tons of easy guitar riffs or piano riffs that people know and recognize, but if you played the bass lines to any of those songs, people would just look at you and say,

“What the hell was that supposed to be?”

The bass lines (even the easy bass lines) aren’t very recognizable. However, there are a few gems – a few songs where the bass line IS the song.

These are the kind of songs where people will immediately recognize the bass line and start singing along. And the best part – these are BEGINNER bass lines. They’re a great place to start.

So next time someone asks you to ‘play something’ (God – I hate it when people say this…) you’ll have something in your arsenal that is guaranteed to impress.



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  1. Alfred Bellanti

    Than you so much for this lesson.

  2. Dont really know that many of them. How about "Sunshine of your love"? One of the most recognised Bass lines and rather easy. Some Black Sabbath, obviously. "Whole Lotta Love" is there too on the beginners list. 🙂 Billie Jean is a bit harder but very recognisable.

  3. Black Moon Dragoon

    Hi Luke you make interesting, educating videos, Respect, I realy like them. Easy to understand.What I don´t like is the sentence in minute 0.39: "…a guitar player, a piano player… …even a drummer…        The way you talk shows you could be more attentive in your pronouncation. It´s  derogative and shows that for you, drummer seeme to be not really musicians.best regards.

  4. That Ibanez bass is damn nice!

  5. I was expecting For Whom the Bell Tolls. If it's easy to play on a guitar half way up the neck, then it should be easy to play half way up the neck of a bass.

  6. Szilárd Szabó


  7. Impressing anyone on the bass? Impossible.

  8. If you wanna stay on one string the entire song during seven nation army, on the A string, it's 7–7-10-7–5–3–2, and when you you add that extra note it's 7–7-10-7–5–3-5-3–2 and when you repeat it's 8 counts on E 33333333-55555555

  9. Just dont play bass.

  10. Why am I watching this? I'm not a beginner.

  11. Fu go slower

  12. Another One Bites the Dust

  13. im a drummer

    why im her

  14. But it isn't by Tool…

  15. Another simple and great one
    LZ – Dazed and Confused.

  16. Got into school band first time playing bass

  17. I guess everyone has different tabs style

  18. brush your teeth

  19. Nice ibenez

  20. 2:45 it’s not even close to the actual song.

  21. lol, instead of “hammer time”, its “second time”

  22. Lmao thanks for the links!

  23. dragontwins73 f

    Feels good inc is easy

  24. nice to see an aussie, should have done pumped up kicks

  25. Djavy Schimizzi

    What bass is this

  26. Wow that seven nation army is like a cheat I play it like 7 7 10 7 5 3 2

  27. Melania Devereux

    Tampoco me cuentes tu vida, sólo vine a aprender bajo :v

  28. Your videos would be much better if you gave the Cliff's notes at the beginning. In other words, just play the riffs up front. Then break it down later.

  29. I can’t even play bass I just like the sound of bass

  30. 66someoneyoudontknow

    "Your 3rd fret on E, and open A, or 5th fret one A," WOAH there buddy, that is WRONG

  31. I already know white stripes… Pretty easy

  32. That's a great sounding bass.

  33. Yea I like how I play 7 nation army as 7 7 10 5 3 2 all on 1 string

  34. Lousy sounding video!! The playing is fine but his bass sounds as if it isn’t plugged in!!

  35. Appreciate the information but waaaaay too much yapping.

  36. Minecraft kid 123


  37. Finding the overuse of the word 'super' really annoying.

  38. When it comes to Bass playing this is the best bread and butter stuff a bassist ever needs to be a successful performer. It's served me well for 45 years and it's simple stuff but the most effective 100%! Complicated stuff is great in small bursts but 99% of the time, what this guy says is right and true.

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