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5 EASY AC/DC Songs for Beginner Guitar

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AC/DC Tutorial links Below! http://goo.gl/QKbuHZ
1 – You Shook Me All Night Long: ►► 1:57
Main Riff 2:56
Chorus 8:44
Intro 12:16

2 – Highway To Hell: ►►https://youtu.be/plCcEEmTCb0

3 – TNT: ►►https://goo.gl/Rjlsuo

4 – Dirty Deeds: ►►https://goo.gl/MPxPFN

5 – Long Way To the Top: ►►https://goo.gl/csQGl9

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  1. I had to look at the tab for the first rift. You kept doing something with your index finger where you sometimes hit the 3rd fret and sometimes the 2nd. This seemed to be in no specific pattern. I think if you use your fretting hand a little less lazy like then as a beginner I can visually see exactly what your doing. According to the tab I have seen the A string is muted. This explained to me why your index finger is all over the place. Thanks for the tut..
    I just reread what i posted and apologies, I shouldn't have said lazy rather comfortably 🙂

  2. Nice Andy. Lucy enough that my wife bought me a GIbson LP for my birthday ( saved for many years). Your lessons are helping me do it justice and keep me motivated. A GLP can be a difficult thing to make sound good but an AC/DC track always does the job. Keep up the great work.. JC

  3. JaRED_GAMINGXD Yawsome!!!

    Im a beginner but i already know thunderstruck ;-;

  4. Nice Epiphone. Have one too. Great guitar.

  5. YESSsss! THIS is what I need! Thanks Andy!

  6. Shawnmorrison music

    were is the rising power

  7. Lightsaber Laser Squirrel


  8. Easy too follow. Thanks for posting.

  9. Try focusing your camera

  10. Lol I thought you were Rory from doctor who:D

  11. Man bro…ur awesome

  12. Great video

  13. Abhishek Purbey

    Atwa system of a down guiter lesson video please


  15. all ac dc songs are easy to learn. just sayin

  16. Lady Angus Young Fan 1998

    I actually have an Epiphone SG, and I am a big fan of AC/DC! Despite Malcolm died and George died Rock in peace Mal and George! Let’s hope Angus does at least one more album and tour! Thanks for the upload!

  17. This is a great channel he inspired me to go back to playing, making some progress very happy.

  18. Silent Eyes Dragon

    Wt guitar is that?????

  19. You should do avenged sevenfold buried alive

  20. Another fantastic tutorial, keep up the good work!

  21. great thanks Andy Guitar 🙂

  22. It should be titled "5 Easy DC Songs for Beginner Guitar"

  23. Less fuzz and more tuning your guitar would be a big improvement. And you made a 2 minute easy learn video into a boring belabored 15 minutes.

  24. Not your best work. Very very very confusing kick off in the beginning G? C? C? G?

  25. Sebastian Pereira

    I’m a begginer and i can play thundertruck its acctually quite easy

  26. Hiya guys

  27. Amazing!

  28. Great video Rip

  29. andy guitar can you do this on an acoustic guitar

  30. you forgot hells bells

  31. thunderstruck and back in black r dead simple

  32. My dream is electro guitar. Help me please ($ 5 -10). My QIWI WALLET+380684426294

  33. You almost look like the nevercat

  34. awsome lesson! thanks

  35. I can play Smells like teen spirit, Night moves and Highway to hell

  36. Asphalt8 Expert

    Crud Ivan not yet got an electric but I will soon for now I've got a crappy aucoustic

  37. Once I seen that it is easy to play

  38. Nokkvi Reynisson

    It is rory from dr who

  39. do you know how to find a troll?  dare to say a song may not be for a beginner!…lol……btw, i'm a beginner, and I like your lessons,  and  I subscribed, and I bought the lessons for $25,  and i'm happy I did.   thank you for posting your free lessons!  did I mention i'm a beginner…

  40. How could i achieve that specific distortion without Angus equipment?? (Something similar of course)

  41. Alfred E Newman

    Andy,thanks so much for the vids.You make learning enjoyable.Great teacher.

  42. Really good learning to play lots of songs now thanks

  43. Mario Alejandro

    Andy, this was awesome. thank you so much!!!

  44. how do you play that intro? 0:01

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