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5 EASY Electric Guitar Riffs For Beginners Easy Riffs Lesson #2

My Top 5 EASY Electric Guitar Riffs TABs
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  3. Colvin'sWeird Channel

    What guitar is that

  4. How do you manage the slide on seven nation army???

  5. I really like that shirt!

  6. Sultans of swing pls

  7. Could you do supersonic by oasis?

  8. what kind of guitar is that?

  9. My left hand doesn't move like that

  10. wild thoughs dj kahlid

  11. love your John Lennon and Paul McCartney picture in the background ?

  12. why does high way to hell sounds different on my guitar

  13. Petar Stepanović


  14. hey how you doing Andy? i just started playing guitar few days ago, i have an amplifier ( mustang v1 ) but can't get it to sound right as urs sounds. i have a pacifica guitar. i been watching your videos over and over but still cant get the sound. i'm getting the idea of the songs and how to play them but can't get the right sound on my amplifier . i subscribed, amazing work i hope you can help !!! would be appreciate it.

  15. Frieso Heitkemper

    Which Box do you use?

  16. what model is that guitar?

  17. Lol!!
    the T-Shirt ????????

  18. I love the E chords !

  19. thats are best riffs ever made but i like beck in bleck enter sadman andd others

  20. I have a fender mustang what should my amp be set on?

  21. DanTheRandom-Gaming& More

    Thunderstruck is easy enough it could have been on this list

  22. can you please do a tash sultana jungle lesson !!!!!

  23. What fx is he using?

  24. what is your guitar tuned to?

  25. where is crazy train
    how is that not in there

  26. hey man whould be a big help to display the tab in the mean time you're playing it

  27. I'm getting my electric guitar soon and I can't wait… Definitely going to this man for help

  28. Hotel California is so good

  29. Holographic Meatloaf

    I have a strat but what kind of guitar is that? It's so beautiful ??

  30. This has resells helps me

  31. You are really unclear on what strings to play and with just one camera angle it's impossible to see what you are playing. Maybe try including a tab next time?

  32. Your shirt ?

  33. What settings should I put my amp at if I want to play highway to hell???

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