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5 Essential Strumming Patterns – Beginner Guitar Lessons

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This beginner guitar lesson covers five essential strumming patterns that every guitarist should be able to play. It’s the perfect lesson for newer students that are starting to become confident with simple chord progressions and are looking to develop creativity with their strumming. If you are struggling with how to strum a guitar – this is the lesson for you.

Each of the strumming patterns in this lesson are progressive in that they build off each other. You may be familiar with one or two of them, but it’s still recommended that you go through the entire video as it covers a few important tips.

If you are interested in learning more check out the Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Series. It covers everything you need to know to get started playing guitar:



  1. This guy is freaking SAVAGE.

  2. Dreikelvin Media & Sound

    now my left fingers hurt.

  3. IntergalacticRoseBloodedFeline

    Thank you Nate. I haven't played guitar in 9 years. Your videos are superb way to brush up on my rusty techniques. Very informative with clear and precise instruction.

  4. Really helpful ❤️

  5. excellent!  many thanks.

  6. What bpm was he on ? Anyone know ?

  7. What a savage

  8. Alison Zelen Pearlman

    Thank you

  9. Thanks Nate..Ur lessons are really great and inspires us to perform better..

  10. Thank you so much your the best! I have learned so much from u!!
    Ibwas about to give up on learned the guitar because i didnt understand the explainations on youtube and i cant afford to pay for a teacher.

  11. what bpm was the metronome at? anyone have an idea?

  12. I absolutely loved this!!! Really helpful!!!

  13. You had me at " don't trust the man!" ….,I'm 51 and intermediate and love music…,, U own mentoring and inspiring!!!!! Kudos bud

  14. This is probably the best video on Strumming pattern… thank you sir 😊

  15. mutew was nice

  16. Paolo Josip Ivanisevic

    Thanks mate! Fantastic lesson. Thank you!

  17. thank you for teaching me the basics, mr. savage. you truly are a helpful person!

  18. dude, i still don't understand about giving the "accents" between the strums, any further explanation?

  19. SAVAGE is that ur real surname?

  20. Only one thing to say…thank you. Keep postings new stuffs. You proudly earned a subscriber.

  21. Fuck hurry up douche bag

  22. am i just a noob or is it harder to get strumming paterns going right with singing a song?

  23. U r to awesome I learn half guitar very easily so I have request for u upload a video on finger style

  24. i have trouble strumming up with my bad wrist

  25. Thank you for this video, I have trouble strumming WHICH IS THE MOST BASIC THING but seriously when I strum upwards my fingers miss certain chords or it kinda gets stuck.

  26. Thank your! 😉

  27. Your guitar sounds good sir!👏😆 Thank for this video's.👏😆

  28. Savage

  29. Two strudels please

    I'm just really scared my short attention span will get in the way of my strumming sooner or later. These 4th notes and 8th notes need a lot of subconscious practice apparently which I really am looking forward to. I just need patience!

  30. listen to my 4 beat pattern
    Part 1
    Part 2

  31. Anna Marie Junge Pedersen

    I find it super hard to strum fast, it's like my hand is going in slow motion when I try to. This helped a lot though! Thanks.

  32. "my career as a guitarist" lmaoooo

  33. What a savage

  34. Raffi Tchakmakjian

    hey, great vid. After playing nylon string finger style classical for 15 years, I've been called to play a steel string with lots of strumming involved. I feel like a baby learning how to walk. This was very helpful.

  35. Raffi Tchakmakjian

    great tone on that Taylor.

  36. how to set the metronome?

  37. Why the fuck is this video 13 minutes long. Just play the damn things.

  38. I watch the video until the end. So helpful. Thank you! You're great

  39. do you have any tips for playing melodies while strumming or picking/ plucking the guitar

  40. I understood D and U but what is P??

  41. MAN YOU ROCK!!! This is the best guitar teaching series I have ever seen bar nonw.

  42. thank you

  43. wonderful job Mr. Nate

  44. thanks for the lesson.. you addressed me rightly in the beginning.. I felt something not in place.. I had started learning Barr chords.. one of my Guitarist friend pointed out that I lack the strumming style.. your video has been a great start.. I had never understood the magic of strumming smoothly against strumming loudly.. that was a real eye opener.. thank you again!!

  45. awsome video thanks buddy

  46. Thank you so much for making this vid! Subbed!

    You kept it short and simple enough that those of us with ADHD or who are super busy can remain focused to get something of it. Now if I can just do at least 10 minutes practice of these strumming patterns each day, until I get them just right. So excited! Really love the one with the muted strum!

  47. half of me watches this because it's such a good video and the other half of me watches because hes so handsome

  48. thank you for this !

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