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5 Led Zeppelin Riffs Perfect For Beginners ( With Tabs)

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  1. ►►Get My Free Fretboard Decoder Course! – https://goo.gl/vw6My6

  2. Keith Fitzgerald

    That LP sounds perfect! What year is it? Any mods to it? And what amp are you using? Great vid. Thanks!

  3. Which one pick (brand/thickness) is your favorite for this type of music?

  4. What overdrivd are you using?

  5. Bro. What move your fingers the most? Who cares how Jimmy picks it? Your version sounds pretty good.

    Man if anyone ever really laearned the shortcuts to play rock, everyone would be a rockstar. But the main thing is learning the total basics and shortcuts and then applying them to your own song. Anyone that plays other's songs, well that song has been done sung.

  6. your voice is a little bit low

  7. he said plethora

  8. There r no tabs
    In any of ur videos

  9. A couple things. Your instruction is good however you seem to be racing thru them. Try not drinkig so much caffeine before filming. Next, the camera angles you are using are not ideal. Hard to see what you're doing a lot of the time. Perhaps use one angle more straight on, (full guitar), or do one full on view and a close up of your left hand technique on the slow down sections. Great playing though. Like your channel.

  10. faster…gesh

  11. Where are the tabs!

  12. I don't even know how to hold a pick why am i here

  13. I have this exact guitar but with p90 pickups. With the treble switched like in this video I cant get close to this sound. Is it the pickups, the amp, or what to get the whole lotta love sound?

  14. I love the way you can play Immigrant Song with consummate ease. I struggle with that riff and probably always will. Nice lesson though. Thanks.

  15. Great work. I´ve been listening and learning with pleasure. If one of you guys or gals have to tune your guitar please use this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H2w7PDa0Bk

  16. Um, am I missing it, but where's the tabs?

  17. jammons2productions

    How is Immigrant song on this that shit is hard

  18. I like your content and style dude, keep up the good work

  19. DesertScorpionKSA

    It looks like you have Dimarzio pickups in your Les Paul. What pickups do you have in there?

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  21. Year and model of your Les Paul fiddle?

  22. SeanO Covers1999

    Why is it easier for me to learn "harder" riffs and harder for me to learn "easier" riffs.

  23. what tabs?

  24. Just found your channel recently. LOVE IT! Thanks for all you do! I'll definitely be supporting you soon!

  25. slowdown

  26. Great video and great tone. What Revv did you use in this video?

  27. Andrew Levister

    Great vid man. Sexy les paul too. Only thing on that Les Pau l I’d change is the pickups cuz those don’t look too good

  28. Do you use your axe fx for all your playing? Always sounds great 👍

  29. Thanks for getting the "Led" out !
    Although, none of us older guys are really into that unleaded crap !

  30. How the fuck is this beginner.. slow it down bro

  31. Great tutorial
    I appreciate you taking the time to share with us. Thanks

  32. Hey rob! Is your action high or low?

  33. Phillip Sheppard

    Hey could you do some godsmack Beginner ? One of my top bands! Ty

  34. i like how u get rite in there thank you

  35. I don't know if you done one already, but if not, you should do one for Van Halen, and one for "Van Hagar."

  36. You have a great tone, what are you using for pickups in that Les Paul?

  37. Please slow down thru the progression of the riffs, that way students can learn the fingering techniques…Thanks man!

  38. If you are a beginner guitarist here's a tip. If you can learn Led Zeppelin 4 and Van Halen 1 cover to cover you are good to go. Everything you will ever need to know about rock guitar is contained in those 2 albums.

  39. carlosthejackal

    You are Jack Black's long lost brother aren't you?

  40. Sounds pretty good through the humbucker on my Chinese les paul

  41. I like him coz he doesn’t talk down to people less skilled than he is

  42. excellent video,thank you!

  43. thanks,

  44. ashley and hayley


  45. There are no LZ tunes under the radar.

  46. Awesome and picked up right away great approach been really practicing and right place right time.Thanks and keep up the good work brother. God bless.

  47. Zain Lokhandwalla Productions

    Other than whole lotta love and immigrant song, you could have pick much better riffs. Like heartbreaker, blackdog, or Kashmir

  48. Can we get a tone tips video for certain styles? Maybe hownyou get those punchy highs mixed with the muddled lows of zep

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