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5 Tips for Beginner Bass Guitar Players | How To Start Playing Bass Guitar | w/ Daric Bennett

Do you have beginner questions for getting started playing bass guitar?? If you said yes, this is the video for you! Learn some important tips for picking out a starter bass guitar. learn the open notes of each string on your bass, learn how to hold your bass guitar, learn a few beginner level scales and arpeggios like major and minor to get you started, and last but not least ask for help from other bass teachers, or even other bass players.

These tips are exactly what I’m here for, to get you started playing your bass guitar and to guide you to becoming the bass player you want to be. If you are ready for more info please check out my site and get started totally free today at daricbennett.com!

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Yo! What’s up bass playas! Here are 5 tips and nuggets of advice for all my new bass players out there. Hope this helps guide you in the right direction. Like always, Don’t forget to give this video a THUMBS UP, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!

***Here’s links to some of the gear used***

Squier Jaguar Bass

Dunlop Bass Strings

Recording Gear:
Gallien Krueger Plex Preamp

Basses Used:
Elrick Basses





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  1. thanks for the tips

  2. Very good tips. Can I ask what's the difference between active and passive bass, and what is a good practice amp? Is there anything I should avoid? Again, thanks for the help!!

  3. Hi Daric…ur tutorials are easy to follow and you make it sound fun and i like that kind of lessons..I'm a professional percussionist and and i wanted to do something diferent on music and just started with electr bass…theres something going with me..i do study very at home and hit all the notes and i know my fret boards but when i'm with my teacher i get messed up..
    I'n not scare of my teacher i'm a professional musician..
    Can i get some advise what can be the cause…i'm in basic but i'm a good muic reader…ur advise would be really helpful✌🏾

  4. What are the numbers indicating for? Like 2,4,1. Are these numbers referring to your fingers?

  5. Demetrius Stanford

    I always get helpful tips from you Deric,but I'd like a bio video from you bro.

  6. Love the way you explain things. Thank you!

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