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50 Bass Grooves – #24 Church in the House – Bass Guitar Lesson – David Santos

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  1. Garbage

  2. Not a very good explanation. You should Concentrate telling us the note by note.

  3. hi my son is 8 , learning to the bass for church need help


    Hello.! You can master the score of this song in the description of this video please.!!

  5. Racist?….I don't think I am….but hey…maybe I am….or maybe I'm not….are you?….

  6. Racist

  7. DavidLeon M.O.G.

    This wouldn't even have worked in 2012, let alone in today's world of gospel bass playing. This guy is a joke!

  8. Bro sorry but u do not know how to teach. I don't even know why u keep making videos. Lol

  9. in a "black" church that's it sounds nothing like that sin my opinion learning that for church in a "black" church is useless

  10. you need to slow down so we can see what you're doing…. and what are the 5 bass line you are playing….

  11. Start over

  12. This is Billy Joel's late 90's to early 2000's bass player guys… of course he has an ego.

  13. you should stop teaching or dont teach

  14. White dude trying to teach how to play in a black church. Dude you can play that in any church smdh. One finger playing gets you know where. Terrible video

  15. first of all he is not a good teacher of this style, I think he is just showing off. This video has a lot of arrogance in it. Any good teacher would slow it down so the person viewing could follow along until he is able to get the fingering positioning this video is useless and he needs to remove it. I do not recommend this type of instruction it will only frustrate beginners.

  16. hey that is fun thanks

  17. thank you now i understand

  18. What key is this in?

  19. Nobody feels as if he went too fast?

  20. Very nice man, reminds me of the Blues Brothers scene with James Brown 🙂

  21. SAVED!!!

  22. I hope its just my computer but I can hardly hear the notes, especially with the backing track.

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