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6 Common Mistakes Made by Bass Players and How to Avoid Them /// Scott’s Bass Lessons

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If you been following my bass lessons for a while you’ll be well aware that I try and tell you exactly what to do to take your bass playing to the next level – and beyond.

I’ve shown you licks, vocabulary exercises, technique workouts…

I’ve talked about grooves, soloing, and even how to get great gigs!

But, up until now I’ve never created a lesson that focuses on what NOT to do — so thought it was about time.

In this lesson I’m going to highlight 6 super common mistakes I see bass players making all the time.

Don’t be fooled, these mistakes aren’t just made by beginners – many of them are also made by bassists that have been playing for years. In fact, in my experience many bad habits are more engrained within a player that’s been playing for years vs someone who’s only been playing for a matter of months.

As with all bad habits, they are fixable. In some cases it’s more of an awareness issue, and simply knowing that you should be mindful of something is enough. In other cases that are more technique based, it can be trickier as you need to reprogram the old movements you’ve been making until you engrain the new ones. In that case, just start slow and be patient – it can be done, you’ll just need to dig in a little 😉

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂


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  1. 1 Gaps and "daylight"
    2 Note lengths
    3 Muting
    4 Hovering fingers
    5 Flying fingers
    6 Dynamics

  2. Adamgm80 morthorpe


  3. damn, that is some hardcore british accent

  4. Haineko Mikemalcom

    Why are you wearing a glove? 🤔 I'm really curious about that.

  5. Are you insane? I hope you changed the battery in that smoke detector. Sheesh.

  6. Watch a Victor Wooten video the procede to shit your pants

  7. nice tone bty😉😉😅

  8. Flying Pinky.. Thanks Scott, hadn't realised i did that till i watched this and i've been playing for 30+ years, I do use the pinky a lot for hammers and slides (I'm a fretless man) and hadn't thought it was an issue but now need to work on that !

  9. Justine Paglinawan


  10. Justine Paglinawan


  11. Thank you so much! You’re so cute it was fun to watch!!!!

  12. Ivan Elí Aguilar Hernandez

    You look like Aaron from walking dead man

  13. Good Guy and smart on bass as well.

  14. That’s riff is from jamiroquai and the song is called “runaway” run for covers close lol

  15. Sorry but why is holding the other fingers down good technique ? Doesn't it reduce the mobility of your fingers ? It sure would for guitar…

  16. Great videos Scott. Been playing bass since 1977 and you are spot on with everything you've said. My original bass teacher taught me scales and told me that I must learn those before anything else. I have seen so many bass guitarists that do not know their scales. Scales are the most important function of a bass guitar and I am glad that I listened to him.

  17. Scott, are you sure the last tip is more lack of accenting rather than dynamics?

  18. Phillip Bassman

    I think the thing I love most about your playing is the way you make a fretted bass sound fretless!

  19. structualfitter

    all he can play is guitar riffs. Bass is not a lead instrument. wannabe guitar player.

  20. Great Tipps, love Your style of teatching. It´s fun to watch and play along. I found an old Hoyer bass, great old forgotten German Brand. Made their own pick-ups, best sounding electronics i ever heard. While cleaning and tuning that beauty it brought the fire back. You´d have to wring it out of my cold dead fingers to get to it- That´s how bad i wanna get to play better. You got Yourself another follower, dear Sir.

  21. why is #5 an issue?

  22. Your explanation is as clear as crystal

  23. love these videos! Keep them coming, and thank you

  24. #4 is definitely hardest for me. I'm a life-long pianist, so keeping fingers 1 & 2 on the string while finger 3 holds the note is counter-intuitive. Practice, practice, practice!!

  25. For the last one:
    What if I use a compressor?

  26. Or you can play how you feel best playing…be unique, not sheep.

  27. Mr. Guitar CAGED

    You're so bassists…….

    I play guitar and I definitely have problem #5

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