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7 Mistakes Guitar Players Make – Online Guitar Lessons

Guitar Technique Made Easy: Take private guitar lessons with me!

This online guitar lesson covers seven mistakes guitar players make and how to correct them. These tips apply to guitarists of all skill levels from complete beginners to experienced professionals.

If you are just getting started on the guitar, these tips are going to help you avoid bad practice habits so you can make progress faster. If you’ve been playing for a while, these tips are going to help you get some bad habits out of your practice routine, so you can make faster progress too.


  1. great video. But, you forgot to mention the fretting hand.

  2. I want that shirt Nate

  3. I feel that in order to be a guitar God you have to be born with “ Perfect Pitch “ is this true ?

  4. Daniel Wang Yi Yao

    damn he's savage

  5. My problem when I was a beginner, was that I had too many goals.

  6. Francis Rousselle

    Thanks for your time man.

  7. The Mastermind University

    Interesting video, thanks for taking the time to make this!

  8. Nitsukai Contigo

    i play guitar because it's fun and most of all guitars don't use batteries unlike Cellphones

  9. Big Mistake #1. Not using your pinky finger. When learning, keep your index over the first fret like the home keys on a typewriter and it never leaves that fret. Much easier to change major chords that way and play barre chords. Harder to learn, but will pay major dividends later on. G, D, and A are all played with the pinky and fingers 2,3,and 4.

  10. I don't know why but i can tune my guitar perfectly by just playing a "nude" chord alone

  11. []HĒŁŁ [] KNĪGHT []

    Are you brothers with ADAM savage?

  12. This is for people who are starting to play

  13. bears eat whole steaks at once. Your metaphor fails.

  14. I want to be famous

  15. lol when i start playing with a piano and giutar i practice for 3 or 4 hours im really in to music

  16. Hi Nate, my upstrokes on power chords sound awful even when muted, any tips.

  17. Great tips 😍

  18. I want to learn to play metal riffs (tapping) and funk rock (like red hot chili peppers)

  19. nate I have so much trouble trying to learn to tap I need help

  20. Damn , you're savage

  21. my goal is to play "Sweet child of mine" acoustic version especially the solo

  22. Practice makes perfect?? NO!! "Perfect" practice makes perfect. Don't practice your mistakes. If you can't play it perfectly slow, then don't try to play it fast!

  23. My tips look like the finger tips of a freaking murloc. even my guitar teacher said so. they are super round and i have problems not touching other strings especially when playing and changing chords. 😐

  24. A much needed reminder of the fundamentals, thank you.

  25. The Telecaster is not very forgiving guitar – it forces you to develop better technique. Through the right amp it sounds fantastic.

  26. 9:54 joe satriani isn't from earth…

  27. Joshua Masterson

    some of the songs I have goals to play don't have accessible tabs

  28. also NOT practicing with a fucking metronome… i still haven't "master" the metronome, but damn that shit improved my playing big time… i hate how every edgy player is like "nope, i don't need such a thing…2cool4dat"

  29. 8. not practicing hard and not practicing standing up.

  30. nonya fourthreetwoonezero

    I disagree with number 4. With learned muscle control, you dont need to mute

  31. 3:48 Buuuuuuut I wanna play some METALLLL like ola and Slayer. Upstrokes are for pussies

    Jk I cannot play tram licks without them

  32. after a few months of being very lazy and even distant to my guitar this sorta gives better motivation to start picking it back up again, thanks for these awesome tips!

  33. does this apply to acoustic guitar as well? like muting the strings

  34. You need downstrokes for fatter chords, it helps avoid scratchy rhythm.

  35. Goals?… Other than learning a song, it's playing guitar not a job… I hate "goals"

  36. 29 Years till Havoc

    first time I played the guitar was to learn "come as you are"..
    That was like 5 months ago. I know now around 30 songs but I don't know any like theory. I just learned to read the tutorials. Don't even really know the chords. Is this bad? I always thought it's like learning your first language, no theory just practice.

  37. nate savage? U R Savage

  38. Tomasz Klaszczyk

    1. Set goals 0:36
    2. Noodling Away Practice Time 2:04
    3. Locked wrist and playing from elbow 2:51
    4. Poor muting 4:14
    5. Not using the tips of your finger to grab AKA Muting involuntary 6:12
    6. Not learning how to tune the guitar AKA Tuner Dependence 7:17
    7 Not applying what you learn to play and create music 8:24
    8. Get your guitar set up by professional 9:25

  39. do i have to learn mnusic theory and all pf that stuff. or can i just learn a lot of hcords and start playing songs?

  40. Great video, but I disagree somewhat with point 3.
    In a recent poll on Troy Grady's website, Elbow came top in terms of absolute speed – beating out wrist deviation, forearm rotation and finger movement. Definitely not inefficient.
    Also, I don't know if you're aware, but in this video you transition from wrist to elbow movement as you increase in speed. At the top speed demonstrated, your wrist locks up and the movement is almost entirely elbow – this is suprisingly common at very fast speeds.

  41. If you play for anyone but yourself you have the wrong audience.

  42. This guy says things with which I concur. I suck, but I know why.

  43. Артём Астафуров

    Not practicing with metronome just must be there. I used to do this mistake and I keep seeing a ton of people not doing.

  44. i wish i had watched this a few months ago thanks mate!

  45. Manuel Neur😂

  46. Enjoy the lessons. Absolutely HATE the overdrive distortion. Sorry, but it doesn't help beginners develop an "ear".

  47. Nate savage

  48. Thought randomly playing without a metronome was on the list.

  49. i need help idk what to learn next, i know the chords but what do i need to take my guitar(electric) to the mext level

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