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8 Guitar Chords You Must Know – Beginner Guitar Lessons


  1. Thank you so much for posting your video. It begins to work for me. 🙂

  2. So good! Thanks!

  3. an easy way to learn is to write it down in a book and memorise it that way

  4. This is an amazing lesson.

  5. Colonel Dick Faggotson

    What kind of autist came up with that shit…

  6. thanks..God bless

  7. This video really struck a chord with me

  8. This is bs. Go to a real music school.

  9. Y the fuck didnt u write which string is which on the illustrated tutorial like what is a string?? Stupid fuck

  10. Mah fingas to damn short

  11. Is there any bad wrods

  12. This is the best channel to learn Guitar..Loved it..

  13. a few months!!! just quit cause sounds like you never practice.

  14. what chords do you have to know for blues?

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    Let's go ❤

  16. Andrew & Nannette Top Floor Tunes

    I didn't know a fret from sound hole less than two years ago, but thanks to GuitarLessons.com, my wife and I are now performing at open mic nights. Thanks!

  17. I have a chord book and some of it says the tuning needs to change but that's crazy can't change tunes between chord progression. We tune on eBGDAE?

  18. These major chords you've shown I have always just called them the G, C, F, A and D chords. I didn't know you could tack major on to them. Makes sense I suppose. The minor chords I have always known them as E minor, A minor and D minor.

  19. great video mate.

  20. Sexy teacher..

  21. i hate you

  22. hey how much time do i need to practice in a day in order to perfect them in few weeks?
    also i tuned my guitar but i still detect buzzing sound when i play, any idea what it might be?

  23. Why do you look like you are crying?Thanks btw

  24. what do I do if I have a buzzing well not a buzzing noise more like it echo's after I play a chord noise after a note I play?

  25. Is someone racist in there?

  26. i already have guitar more than 2 years ago.. and i still dont know how to paly it

  27. beep beep lettuce

    Is it normal for your fingers to be sore after?

  28. plyeese forget to fall down

    I actually recommend playing in front of the mirror if you're beginning. I just started yesterday and it's helped me look at my fingering without having to lean over.

  29. Laxmi kant Prajapat

    Thank you brother

  30. It's really good and very helpful

  31. Thank You So Mush

  32. Great video

  33. This is one of my favorite videos thank you so much!

  34. G major: 1:55
    C major: 3:20
    D major: 4:52
    F Major: 6:19
    E major: 7:00
    A major: 8:16
    E minor: 9:40
    A minor: 10:00

  35. Zoom in ?

  36. RandomSistersProductions

    my hand and fingers are too tiny to play anything and my fam bought me this huge ass guitar ;-; WHAT SHALL I DO? GET FINGER EXTENSIONS?

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