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ABSOLUTE BEGINNER Guitar Lesson (Never Picked Up a Guitar Before)


  1. I only have an acoustic guitar, I am 57 years old….Are these lessons also good for an acoustic guitar, or do I have to have an electric guitar?

  2. that was good…Ty

  3. Why am I watching this I've been play for 8 years 😀

  4. Part of me wanted the guy to smash the guitar up halfway through, with him shouting "fuck guitar fuck guitar fuck guitar I love piano fuck guitar."

  5. I was looking for something like this lesson but for acoustic, not electric.

  6. very helpful

  7. i cant get down the placement of my fingers on the strings. maybe i should just pay for classes…

  8. I feel like the only one that found this video helpful, thanks man!~

  9. Ok i need a little more help with this… any other good suggestions for learning! !!

  10. How do leftys hold it. Should I pic with my left or right hand haha.

  11. okay, how come some lessons teach you from the top down, not the bottom up? does it make a difference how you learn the strings? I've heard Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddie.

  12. i love guitar

  13. I hate his guitar lesson it said absolute beginner guitar lesson. (I just started playing guitar) and half of the stuff was wrong and it absolutely didn't get me anywhere from where I started from. The good news is that I'm getting a video game a few days from now that will probably teach me better guitar.

  14. my guitar doesnt sound like yours i already tuned it whats wrong?

  15. 1:14 that is not an input jack, it is an output jack, sound comes out of the guitar not into the guitar

  16. jesus christ i cant tune a guitar

  17. Good bye Eddie

  18. Eddie Ate Dynimite

  19. Elvis

  20. I Have a hard time do to my big fingers. what's the best thing or way for me to play ?

  21. E as in edward, I thought he was gonna say b as in Bella 😛 great tutorial thx

  22. Elephant and Dog grow big ears

  23. Omg! Just bought a Fender acoustic today and thanks to you, I can pick it up and almost know what 'm doing with it! Can't wait to go to ur website tomorrow so I can REALLY rock out!!!! Lol!!! Thank you SO much!!!!

  24. Thank you doctor House!

  25. @DjNexusTV yea i am, its just i suck at trying to teach myself guitar..

  26. does this work for acoustic also, noobish question but just wondering

  27. nice helps alot. although if someone sees this can they tell me how come everyime i play that first cord, how come one of the strings doesnt make any sound i think my fingers are to big =(

  28. Even your
    Eventually after years of not using toilet paper

  29. Thanks for the video. It was very helpful.
    I'm completely mezerized by the finish on your guitar.

  30. i dont know why im watching this LOL ive been playing for 9 years

  31. JohnParagamiOfficial


  32. Nice Vid realy helped

  33. Electronic

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