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Absolute beginners guide to guitars – how to choose a guitar

All new how to choose a guitar.
Before you even start the guitar you need to establish what style of guitar you would like to play and what style of guitar you should buy, This basic lesson explains some of the differences in the styles of guitars you can buy, the acoustic guitar, the electro-acoustic guitar, the semi-acoustic guitar and the electric guitar.


  1. my dad bought me my first guitar when I was about 14, one of those big folk/Dreadnaught ones, but I'm a human of the short arse variety, that thing was bigger than me!!!, could never play it… another one of my dad's bright ideas.

  2. Pretentious Navel-Gazing

    I bought an old BC Rich super strat with a kahler 2520 fulcrum, ive been told this trem is terrible. Should I keep it?

  3. Which type is best suited for punk rock?

  4. I already play piano, saxophone, and ukulele and have been practicing on my dads western/ folk guitar however i will be getting an electric guitar soon so would a semi acoustic guitar? I will be playing all types of music, money for pedals in the future is no problem though.

  5. can i suggest a magnum guitar to start with, just so you can see if you want to keep playing, they are quite cheap but really good

  6. Not a beginner. But I never learned this stuff when I started playing. Therefore, I'm now stuck on what to do, where to go, and what to get. So thanks for making this video. It's going to help a lot when it comes to getting a new guitar. I usually had them handed down or given as Christmas presents. So going out and buying one for me will be a cool experience ?

  7. What is the guitar u used to play the "solid electric guitar" solo?

  8. Just out of curiosity, what is the little clip artists have on the neck of their guitars sometimes when they perform?

  9. Avoid cheap guitars as a beginner, buy mid range guitars. You will get boring really fast with cheap guitars. I used to own an Squier affinity series strat and sold it after few months and lost all interest in guitar for few years. I started to love guitar again after i tried an 800 euro ibanez. I would suggest an beginner to buy an 600-800 euro/$ guitar. Believe me.

  10. nice. what was the song for the classical guitar?

  11. What guitar would i need to play Rhythm and blues? semi acoustic?

  12. Андрей Иванков

    Fignya video. Nichego ne raskryto i ne ponatno!

  13. how do I try a guitar at the shop if I am just starting and I never played in my life? 😀 would be embarrassing and would not know what I am doing

  14. Who else thinks the semiacoustic looks ugly as balls

  15. i am a beginner which guitar best for buy
    1.yamaha f310 string
    2.yamaha c70 nylone

  16. subscribed

  17. donr forget to mention to NEVER BUY A LINE 6 AMP

  18. Hi there 🙂

    Nice video, very informative 🙂 What is the name of the track that starts at 4:03 – Elctroacoustic.please?


    Stratdunc 🙂

  19. What acoustic guitar is good for mostly teenagers and kids? Itll be used in projects, jamming etc.

  20. I wanted to ask : does the medic work on the nailonstrings? I would really like to use the medic but sometimes use my hands so that's why I am asking.

  21. very helpful

  22. Gibson – Cadillac
    Epiphone – Ford
    Fender – Lincoln
    Squire – Chevy
    Rickenbacker – Saab
    Ibanez – Honda
    Jackson – Subaru
    B.C. Rich – Acura
    ESP – Mazda
    Schecter – Nissan
    Ovation – Kia
    Taylor – Audi
    Martin – Mercedes
    Music Man – Porsche
    PRS – BMW
    Blackmachine – Lamborghini
    Conklin – Bentley
    Alembic – Rolls Royce
    Carl Thomson – Bugatti Veyron
    First Act – Yugo

  23. Very very helpful. Thank you.

  24. it sucks that i have a classical guitar
    if i knew I'm not really practicing for a electric guitar i wouldn't had buy it a year wasted on this shit

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