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AC/DC – Back in Black Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Chords TAB

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  1. I learnt how to play this song so Quickly

  2. Harrison Ollier Hobbies

    can u do big gun plz andy?

  3. Emil Egeskov Pedersen

    Very good

  4. me✌🏻✌🏻

  5. B.s.scars Playing xbox games

    💗 this video

  6. I do pull offs on the entire in the E minor riff (pentatonic scale)

  7. Great work mate, any chance you will do the solo lesson soon?

  8. What guitar is he using?

  9. My electric guitar is different from you

  10. How do you get your amp to sound like that and what amp are you using I can't get good AC/DC sound off mine can you do a video on how to get that sound on a "standard 15 AXL amp "

  11. Who else is a beginner?

  12. Is anyone else confused on what strings to strum

  13. Jack_ Does everything

    Do holiday by Green Day

  14. Can you do guitar solo of this song too,please ?

  15. what is that song you demoed when you are bending string?

  16. Can't believe I'm actually playing this! Thanks Andy, being able to do this after 4 months of learning means a lot to me, and your lessons have been an incredibly important part on this process.

  17. I love this song!! Thank you so much for this great tutorial! 😍😍 Your explanations are great and it's really easy to follow 😍🔝

  18. awesome colored hair dude

    careless whisper

  19. SUPER REQUEST… Volbeat – end of the road, it's only a minute intro and it's absolutely beautiful and I can't find the tab anywhere. Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz1

  20. Stephen Abblett

    hey Andy can you show how to play take me back home by Slade

  21. THANK U. Best lesson in the web

  22. Andy.can you show us how to play barracuda by heart?

  23. trying to do this on acoustic xD

  24. Patricio Karelović Luksić

    Genial, muchas gracias

  25. Michelle Valerin

    Does anyone know if I can play F chord with a capo?????

  26. Can you do Joy Division or The Cure?

  27. Emil Alexander Karlsen

    how old are you?? from norway

  28. You should do an around the world-rhcp tutorial

  29. how about some honeymoon suite?

  30. Man, I can't play any song… even the easiest ones. :_(

  31. You really should do some covers man!

  32. Blayke Rekowski

    Please do some kiss songs!!!!

  33. could you do the live version of love of my life by Queen please. I've learnt so much from you andy thanks

  34. do soothsayer.

  35. Alexander deChaneet


  36. Joseph Callaghan

    Would you be able to do the solo to hotel California?


    Hi – BRILLIANT – How about – Are you going my way – Lenny Kravitz – Carry on like this and you will get a lot of traffic on your site – Thanks Andy – 🙂 🙂 🙂

  38. David D. Stanton

    When I click on the tab link on your site it takes me to stairway to heaven…

  39. can you do the riff from slashes anastsia

  40. andy can u please do a video of van halen licks or style cuz most of the vids ive seen are the same

  41. This was I think one of Kurt Cobains first songs that he learned to play

  42. What specific guitar is this

  43. could you please teach feels like home to me chantal kreviazuk, my daughter is learning a dance for this song and I want to play it for her. thanks

  44. Andy too likes ac dc I guess

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