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AC/DC – Highway to Hell – Guitar Lesson – How to Play Electric Guitar TutorialC

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Hey guys! Marty Schwartz here again with “MartyMusic!” so excited to be teaching another AC/DC lesson for you guys! We’ve got “Highway to Hell” for the rockers out there! Once again thanks for “liking” and “starting” the videos to help spread the word on my project right here! All my best!



  1. In case you didn’t know by Brett young and war pigs by Black Sabbath please thanks

  2. Marty is the best guitar teacher on YouTube ! Hands down !

  3. you're so fuckin good

  4. Thanks for this great lesson will be playing with some friends for the first time, can't wait!

  5. Do Hollywood Undead "Undead"

  6. Kimberly Henderson

    for my son

  7. Kimberly Henderson

    could you learn how to play No more tears solo

  8. Can you teach big gun by AC/DC

  9. This is in a different key to the official video

  10. Klaus Gscheidlinger

    Thanks, Marty really easy to follow up how you guide

  11. I could not figure this out for the life of me looking at tabs and I feel dumb for how easy it really is. If it wasnt for your video id still be scratching my head. Thank you so much for this!

  12. 5:17 when you accidentally flip off your audience

  13. 1:58 that sounds like under the bridge – rhcp

  14. I want learn how to play the solo in hotel California

  15. Jeanette Rodriguez

    Can’t wait to see your lesson of “Highway Tune” by Greta Van Fleet

  16. can you do rock or bust by AC/DC

  17. Can you please teach the song holy diver by Dio

  18. Can you do we are the champions

  19. 0:28 daang fucked up the rhythm >_<

  20. i love how almost every song i want to learn you have helpfull tips and lessons

  21. jammons2productions

    Just a quick question Marty, why no sg on this one? Also love the channel!

  22. 05:17 Lol 😂

  23. Hey Marty can you please do a cover of AC/DC pls. PS that guitar sounds beautiful.

  24. voodoo child!

  25. Thunderstruck

  26. Sir please teach us thunderstruk by AC Dc it wil vry aaprriciate for ud

  27. Edvinas Kilbauskas

    You lost me at solo part

  28. It would be very awesome if you taught us how to play burn it to the ground by nickleback

  29. You don't need to know Okay


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