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Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Beginners

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  1. Faatauvaa Faitasi

    Thanks uso for your help

  2. Hi i would like the free ebook please.

  3. Awesome lesson Marty.  I got your Theory course and learned a lot from it.  I kind of stumbled on a lot of the stuff in this lesson on my own, but will definitely try it with some of the other chords I haven't used it with like the A.

  4. that was cool learn! could i please have free ebook!

  5. I would love to have the eBook plz!! thank u!!

  6. Hi everyone! This video is excellent, Thanks! There is this impressive Guitar Lesson site at "Brendt Mastery Guitar Playing Guru" (do a google search)? My best friend learned great playing skills less than a week! They are giving a free lesson too!

  7. i like the way you explaining, mayybe a little bit hillarious or funny haha

  8. To me this makes playing a lot more interesting. Thanks

  9. Can you send me the ebook

  10. Mart'a the one man Part'a!  thanks for the lesson bro

  11. Bayan R. Abu Sultan

    Dude, these aint beginners lessons, these are pro's ones!
    I don't even know how to lay my fingers correctly.

  12. how do friend to get the ebook

  13. Marty u da man

  14. maricar ferrerchoi

    I want that ebook..

  15. Marty is the Man!!!! Ebook would be awesome!!

  16. Can you send me an ebook, please?

  17. Easy Guitar Lessons

    Thanks for that Marty. Some good stuff there.

  18. steal it fgt

  19. How can i get a free gutair

  20. Your lesson on fifteen really helped me find the rhythm! Thanks for the help

  21. do I still get a kit in 2013

  22. Jacquelyn Bachelder

    Id love to get an ebook 🙂
    Just ordered my guitar yesterday. I've played many instruments; trumpet , tenor sax & violen BUT that was about 8 years ago. Going through a rough divorce and i would love to learn . I kniw absolutely nothing about guitars so i need to start from the ground up any and all advice is appreciated 🙂

  23. guitar lessons . com

  24. Great video…I want to purchase an acoustic guitar and learn to play! I think your videos will be a big help for me! How many inches is this guitar?

  25. it was alil bit of help for me

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