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Alice in Chains – Them Bones – Main Riff – Beginner Guitar Lessons Rock alternative Grunge


  1. AlcoholicBeachedWhale

    I never realized how easy this riff is

    Hats off to Jerry for making something simple sound badass

  2. Why not just play on the D string then?

  3. 1234567

  4. trebor trahrebe

    Today's episode was brought to you by the letter D. As in LSD

  5. im-pro-at-skyrim

    Drop d half step down though

  6. It was the 90's. Are you still a chains fan? Do you know many Alice songs?

  7. Aditya Choudhary

    3:24 ball squeeze

  8. third eye blind – slow motion pls

  9. OMG. you'r f*cking Crazy!!!

  10. hey i have a mexican strat and when i tune down to drop d or any other tuning it doesnt stay in tune and i have to to sit there and tune it like 3 times before it stays, is there anything i can do?

  11. Hardcore Sandal

    What key is it in?

  12. Gasa Live Archives Bootlegs & videos

    1:30 Dahboubobobouh -_- lmao!!

  13. Son Guadi Saiyan Galaxy

    if you put subtitules at the end he say "help heelp help"

  14. Why don't you show the whole riff? It's not that hard…

  15. Peanut Butter & Jelly

    I laughed

  16. its actually Db drop and eb standard

  17. Fuck off yousician

  18. dude, this is actually in drop C#

  19. Titus Cunningham

    when you have a Floyd rose and you're like naw fam I'm good

  20. MrChillifresser

    Marty Schwarz was a memer before it was cool 1:14

  21. Musicpuppetacademy _

    wawurble wurble

  22. Michelle Haller

    really helpful. Thanks Bro!!

  23. Might be an easy riff….but only Cantrell can make it legendary!!

  24. I have all the Alice In Chain albums, or atleast all the ones with Layne. I don't like their newer stuff

  25. Irving Alexis Hernández Gómez

    You need barrels of fun in this song…

  26. You lost me at 1:20 – why in the heck do you need to do that? Later…

  27. dude, you should a nirvana territorial pissings guitar lesson!

  28. Marty I hate you so much I took time out of my day to come tell you i hate you. I hate you so much. Your annoying af.

  29. thedominator rhoads

    wow what a dumb ass lesson .

  30. can you do a lesson on voices by alice in chains? tht'd be awesome cuzz no one else has good lessons lol

  31. nice midnight sun brew shirt…representing AK!!!

  32. Can you please do Nutshell no one else explains it like you . Please

  33. …love Marty's videos…he's quick and to the point, and the editing is funny as hell!
    Rock on Mr. Schwartz!

  34. What amp are you using for this? It's got a really sharp crunch to it.

  35. Cool warbling! Thanks Marty always great vids!

  36. marty please do some old school nirvana songs like pen cap chew, scoff, negative creep, etc.

  37. I love the editing you do in your videos dude so lols

  38. People need to realize there is more than one way you can do this riff. I do it in a way that is slightly different from Marty. It's not about this or that chord.. It's all about the harmonics.

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