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Amazing Grace Guitar Lesson – Learn a Blues Version of Amazing Grace on Guitar – EP258

In this week’s blues guitar lesson, I’ll show you how to play a bluesy version of Amazing Grace that is played solo guitar (no accompaniment), and with a pick.

To view the Part 2 video, as well as download the tablature and access the interactive tab viewer for this guitar lesson, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/amazing-grace-guitar-lesson-blues-version-play-amazing-grace-guitar-ep258/


  1. Best Lesson so far……… Keep up the great vid's Brian. More Contemporary like this one. With your amazing Bluesie Style with a side of country. Love it… Great work.

  2. fabulous

  3. Андрей Невоград

    Ура , новое замечательное видео-урок от Брайна !!!

  4. Excellent thank you very much

  5. Awesome i have been looking for a blues version of amazing Grace.
    By Grace you have been Saved through Faith. I love the word of God

  6. Great version. Thanks for this and the explaining how you approach it.

  7. Awesome

  8. nah, i prefer the black background.

  9. 4 dislikes!!??? Very jealous people!! Love this one Brain!!

  10. Like the white background!!!

  11. So, so beautifully soulful!

  12. Thanks Brian…this makes me just want to sit down and rest.

  13. Really nice, Brian and perfect timing as I now have 10 days to perfect it before my daughter, Grace’s 18th birthday. Thank you.

  14. You racist, going with the white background over the black.

  15. love the guitar – should do an ad for the company

  16. Just too beautiful .. Super ..

  17. southpaw1959channel

    Amazing version! "Always right with white." 🙂

  18. Superb Brian, I will learn this ASAP.. thanks. Joe

  19. Beautiful

  20. Hibernatus Hivernatus

    Bonjour Brian merci beaucoup!Thanks a lot

  21. Really nice as always,
    Prefer the black background though as it’s less harsh on your eyes.

  22. Awesome! Right up my alley! Pwrhaps an acoustic Key to the Highway? 😳

  23. Thanks 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  24. Only real man don’t get dislikes!

  25. William Castleberry

    Thank you for this great song. I have a question though, when you move the D shape up the 5th & 6th fret, I have always been told that is a F chord. Which is it A7 or a FI love that Guitar

  26. Outstanding bro awesome performance👍

  27. The all-white background was a nice touch with this… Very angelic 🙂 nicely done and beautiful rendition of this!

  28. Nikolay Ivantsov

    You are an awesome guy! Thank you for your videos! Greetings from Ukraine! 🙂

  29. Love your guitar – can you let us know the make and model? Would love to get one – many thanks!

  30. great – best ever

  31. This is beautiful and will keep me busy this weekend ! Do you think you could do a lesson on lownsome valley by Mississippi John hurt?

  32. Thank you so much for this, such a great arrangement! I’m recording some lullabies and simple songs for my son who is due to be born in September so this will definitely be one of the songs I learn.

    Thanks again

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