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Basic Funk Chords (Guitar Lesson RH-021) How to play

In this guitar lesson you will learn six basic chords for funk guitar. This is the first part of a series of funk lessons. We cover a couple of E9 chords, E13, a couple of E7 and an E7sus4.

The next lesson looks at basic strumming.

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  1. Wow – nearly 10 years old this video! I have a whole FUNK course which teaches all this stuff and loads more over on the website – go check it out 🙂

  2. Tùng Nguyễn Thanh

    How to make funky sound like your video ?, Can u tell me how to set a fuzz

  3. Just got this video, thank you for the short snippet of the scale shape with along with the chords

  4. Great tone from the tele.

  5. Roberto Gutierrez

    Fire 🐽

  6. 4:16 yeah sure if i could only bend m finger like that mayby I could do that chord but my finger stays in a bridge postion can't go further……

  7. definitely regretting ruining my hands threw boxing after watching this lol.

  8. ohhh yeaaaa funk master, funk me in the mouth!

  9. can you play funk in the key of G

  10. 9 years later and I'm still watching you videos Justin. I'm loving it. ^___^

  11. these are supose to be the easy chords damn

  12. Hi there justin, great Lesson 🙂
    i just wondered, from one who is using piano as a theoretical reference, isn't the E9 term wrong? Theoretical I would say it's an Eadd9 since the 7th isn't in the chord?

  13. Gonzalo Sánchez

    5:15 OH HELL NO

  14. Tomonori Yoshida

    thanks for the good tutorial, BTW you look so young.

  15. Raymond's Backing Tracks Go!

    this is the first time i saw u without that hat

  16. i can't thank you enough for your excellent teaching/lessons. you rock, and funk…

  17. Hotdogkid47 lol

    i don't really play funk more of a jazz player but i always loved the sound of these kinda chords for some reason

  18. Awesome video!

  19. I keep hearing fuck guitar and I'm laughing XD great lesson tho

  20. WeegeeTheDrummer

    loool 1:29 "That kind of thing." Awesome playing dude 😉 And It's 8years old now :O

  21. Thank Justin you help me a lot!

  22. Thank you.

  23. Andrew Jeffries

    Justin, as I continue writing 7/8 stuff I want to put a funky part into the new tunes and this helps me a lot. Thank you! The good stuff I got from this lesson will wind up in some vids on my channel. Bank on it. Peace!

  24. I have a question Justin, umm how do you play those chords upside down with the right hand – Low E string is on the top – I don't know if I should stay playing upside down or play the right way the problem is i been playing upside down for 2 years.

  25. I have a question Justin, umm how do you play those chords upside down with the right hand – Low E string is on the top – I don't know if I should stay playing upside down or play the right way the problem is i been playing upside down for 2 years.

  26. thank you teacher

  27. potty mouth!

  28. how to set up the amp for the funk sound?

  29. Margarita Reynaga

    Los temer aros

  30. Thank you so much.

  31. It's too hard for my finger 😀

  32. thank you!

  33. Thank you!

  34. Taxidermistification

    It's hard enough trying to make some of these chords ring out properly, nevermind the fast strumming pattern and changes.

  35. Are you using any kind of effect to play funky ?

  36. You are awesome, thank you for sharing this.

  37. Quuck, concise, no nonsense approach. Excellent

  38. diasspeed  single coils are more apropriate stratocaster is probably the best funk machine ever BUT it doen't stop people like whah watson and others to play funk on  huge jazz guitars with humbuckers  if you can afford it SQUIER  classic vibe serie is making great sounding affordable strats that will make your funk rythm sound great

  39. Taxidermistification

    How do you make the chords so fast?

  40. I have a question: could i play funk rhythm guitar on a Jackson soloist with 2 seymour duncan humbuckers on it, or you guys believe that for funk rhythms i sould find a guitar with single coils? Thx

  41. This sh1t is the sh1t man, the best thing is that you gave me the whole idea how to create the funky cool sound, now i can adapt it to different positions!!! when we got a base, everything easier

  42. EffortlessBrian

    One of the most helpful guitar tutorial videos I've seen on YouTube! Thank you.

  43. Guillermo Peitton

    Genial muchas gracias!!!, Thank you so much, this is a fantastic guitarr lesson!! Regards!

  44. Puppy Puppington

    YEA! Woah, YEA!

  45. Just like Keith Richards. Does he really know when he is muting a string? Most probably not. He is just plays the guitar. Don't ask him. You'll have funny mumbles and laughters about it. It goes with playing a lot. Okay, might as well tell them that muting a srtring or the whole thing exist (for a rythme stop). But they'll never know unless they perfect it on their own.

  46. Very interresting. In that lesson, you mute a lot of strings. It is okay with a string caught in the middle of the pack, but for the big one or the tiny one, one just have not to pluck it. Yes and no. But you see my point. For a more experienced player, he can let it ring and not play it as well. She will not sing. But for an effect with the pinky, she'll be right there. But this "muting" thing kills me. It comes obvious with constant practice. Does it go on or not? Dunnow…

  47. Hansell Santana

    Thanks for the video, great job

  48. Daniel Thomas K

    HAHAHAHA I live in america! More youtube for me!

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