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Basic Guitar Tutorial (M3RKMUS1C)

Basic Guitar Tutorial by M3RKMUS1C!
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Main Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/M3RKMUS1C

Intermediate Guitar Tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0XhyhE0yrI
Advanced Guitar Tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppm1lDjNgKQ

I have had a lot of requests to do guitar tutorials, so I figured I’d put together a short series of guitar tutorials!

These tutorials will vary in difficulty, but this specific tutorial is the basic guitar tutorial.

This video will mostly go over preparation for starting out, essentials for beginners, and common mistakes you want to avoid.

If there’s any other kind of guitar related tutorials you want to see or ideas you have for other guitar videos, leave a comment letting me know! ^-^

Thanks for watching!

Erik – M3RKMUS1C


  1. HEY! I'll have a quick video out sometime next week to better explain the guitar uploads, but for now here's a Basic Guitar Tutorial!

    More advanced stuff will be covered in the next couple of Fridays! ^-^

  2. Here’s me playing seven nation army thinking I was good…

  3. I know you will probably never see this comment, but I just wanted to say you have inspired me a shit ton man. TY much love.

  4. Yeet The Dragon Slayer Cx


  5. Lol iron man is the easiest beginner song of all time, its just a riff.

  6. merk I love it when you play guitar, i would love it if you would make more vids on you PLAYING the guitar, if you do could you play a hard rain's gonna fall by bob dylan. THANKS : )

  7. Captainbadger03 D4

    Death stare returns

  8. His gain is so fucking high

  9. daiyan al rasyad

    that neck its hella short

  10. Lol I got an ad for learning how to play the geetar

  11. “I’m no shred head” constantly shreds constantly lol

  12. countless blues & folk solo artists recordings from 1920's & 30's more often than not didn't have their guitars perfectly in tune to any standard pitch (A440 hz) equally across strings when playing, and they sound pretty great to me.

  13. George Washington Entertainment

    I orgasmed when he played Surfing With The Alien. That song is a bitch on Rock Band 4.

  14. You should do waw zombie theme songs tuturials on guitar! Ill watch that alot

  15. R u fucking kidding me, Y standard is my favorite tuning on my Gibson ML soloist Dimebag Rhodes custom breh

  16. Awesome

  17. Please make more

  18. "the human condition of imperfection"

  19. M3rk nerd plays whoever you are you are the one who inspired me to get an Acoustic Geetar (and yes I meant to spell it that way) and this Christmas I'm getting an Electric Geetar but all I'm trying to say man is keep up the good work because if I'm inspired I bet other people are too! 😛

  20. Your figies will get stronger

  21. thealmightyva605

    I just downloaded a tuner from my phone it works really well

  22. slayallthedeamons

    The acoustic guitar before electric is such a myth and is capable of fucking up potential players man. Don't fall for it go for what you want. I did that and it fucked me over, can't wait to get a part timer so I can finally buy an electric guitar.

  23. Is it Weird that My guitar says supreme on it?

  24. Merk I've always thought that you were a scrub but with this video it's very inspiring to know that a person of your status in popularity has been where I am now is amazing and downright awesome and allows us to know that we can do shit like this with time and effort thank you merkmusic!

  25. I know u wont read this and it a year later but this really helps and it made me very happy when u said play acoustic first i was happy cuz i have one

  26. As a saxophonist, why TF am I watching this

    Other than why not?

  27. Cheeki Breeki iv damke

    My first was an acoustic for about 300 dollars played it for about 2 years then bought an epiphone g400 good progession?

  28. do you play lead guitar or rhythm guitar

  29. First guitar 🎸 Junior Les Paul

  30. tastybaconsensation

    “By no means a shred head” shut the fhck upppp😂

  31. mr.meme_machine42069

    I can only count to 4 and I only know 7 letter abcdefg

  32. your mini guitar sounds like dime 333 guitar

  33. Oh wait nvm

  34. I fucked up on the first part

  35. The solos I want to do are Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne, and The Trooper – Iron Maiden.

  36. My acoustic guitar only has 20 frets…..

  37. 2:30 oh God that hurts

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