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Bass Basics 1: The notes on the Bass

In this tutorial you will learn the names of the notes on the fretboard of the bass guitar.


  1. fuk yes bless you bro your teaching skiils are on point thanks alot

  2. There's no way to download the files, the web site looks like is not working!

  3. Brandon Hunnewell

    If i played the Tuba /Sousaphone before, should this be similar?

  4. Thank you very much for this video! I've not yet learned how to read music (stubborn ol' goat I suppose). I love the walk through and explanation.

  5. Im a beginner i hardly know anything about playing this is really helping me out but what i noticed is that my bass has 5 strings

  6. is it the same for 24 fret bass ?

  7. Super helpful video man! Thank you very much

  8. Love your video. It's so easy to understand compared to other videos on YouTube. Thanks man!

  9. Finally a good teacher

  10. You are an excellent instructor!

  11. Leigh Aphrodite Kudo

    Thank You very much ???

  12. Very Good!!

  13. great video but at the beginning your earbuds confused the fuck out of me until i realized there was a green screen

  14. after watching several videos a young boy finally got me to understand bass notes thanks much

  15. supersushi wasabi

    This is the easiest and the best tutorial I've watched so far! Amazing! You've earned another subscription!

  16. where can i download it? the website is down

  17. Manny que paso con el tutorial de alegría de toño lo estuve buscando

  18. Nudli Kolompéros

    Finally I understand it! Thanks man!

  19. Very good instructions. The best explanations I've seen for novice level players. Thank you.

  20. Dude im a drummer leaning bass for a new band an i been looking at videos for weeks but yours is the easiest to understand your a huge help brother thank you your time is appreciated

  21. Dislike, I'm pissed that you didn't name the video Bass Bassics

  22. Thank you brotha

  23. Thanks Manny!!!!! helped me out a bunch

  24. Ive been itching to refresh my memory about the electric bass chords and your video not only refreshed my memory but taught me a few things as well! Awesome video

  25. awsome vid

  26. You helped me big time. Thanks!

  27. thanks man

  28. prathyasa alice binu

    verry good lesson sir

  29. can't find the page in the description which is of diagram….

  30. thank you!!

  31. thank you

  32. good video buddy

  33. Anne Gabrielle Abad

    I've been interested in the bass for a long time now, and I'd like to thank you for this quick but very informative tutorial. 🙂

  34. Thanks a million… I'm trying to get back on the bass and this really help…

  35. thank you I'm just starting to try to learn bass and this helped a lot!

  36. I know this is an old video but it really helped. I had watched several other videos on this very topic and this is the one that really made sense and really explained well. Thank you!

  37. Holy shit man, I've been playing bass for about half a year and today I suddenly had the need to learn this, you made it so easy

  38. but i like your lessons very explainable

  39. am now learning so please take it easy on me please

  40. by far the most clear and usefull info for beginners on the subject around here that iv found on yt.

  41. Hey

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