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Bass Guitar for Beginners


  1. Funny how all the pukes come out to bash anyone that makes a vid on how to help folks with something they want to dive into. The negative comments are from those who never really accomplished anything whilst growing up but they have a full mantle of Participation Trophies showing their "wins" in life. GFY wankers!

  2. 8:22 when I was

  3. "down here is the body, easily the most recognisable part of the bass"


  4. synth on a plinth

    Timekeeping? Groove?

  5. Nathaniel Harding

    Thanks man

  6. he didn't even cover muting…

  7. i need a drummer without excuses

  8. yeah he's a fuck cocksucker​. because he's just not hearing people on his fuck prick asscrack bass is so fucking fuck up balls he's a fucking suck asses he sucks he doesn't know how the bass guitar pick or finger will be the same maybe as same or different principal but not for sure I agree with all if you he's just being a dick and deaf retard

  9. Kurt Koshiro Poblete

    I have a question.Does each finger owns it's own fret like position playing in guitar? Do position playing apply in the bass guitar?

  10. to much info …. for total beginners christ sake !

  11. sajberkurajber0167

    For Christ's sake put the end of the string in the string post hole! I'm really not a hater but dude … And strings are wounded the wrong way. It's basic basic basic! I really appreciate the effort but this is to be ashamed of.

  12. Plymouth !

  13. I think you need to learn how to string your bass first.

  14. Brielle Saddington

    Am I the only one here cause they kinda wanna be Calum hood?

    Or is that just me?

  15. bass players aren't real musicians

  16. I thought they only had 3 strings?

  17. i dont get why so many people think playing bass is lame and guitar is so much better but really the bass play those awesome low notes and keep the band together

  18. I think this guy has quite bad technique and is not even good enough player to give lessons to people a dont get how this can have so many views

  19. i have a viola bass what do you have?

  20. Brielle Saddington

    I'm here because of Calum Hood?

    Anyone else??

    Just me ok…

  21. Good lesson, but the chick is kind of flat chested.

  22. I'm a pianist. The other day my friend said they need me to be the bassist of their band. I've never played it before, so this video is very helpful. I'll have to play like hours a day, haha

  23. "The bass player doesn't need to be flashy or loud" better said – unless you are flea, you cannot be flashy. Don't worry, the lead guitarist won't allow you to be loud. 😉

  24. jacques waahl ya But Look at what they accomplished .

  25. Level. The. Audio. Please.

  26. This video is a gem

  27. thanks , iam starting up at ripe age of 43 .my dad used to play so he is getting me going

  28. Happy new year! I am so sorry, but after 15 minutes I cannot focus on your speach anymore. The music is so loud behind. Can you remaster the voice? Musicians should hear this annoyment.

  29. NOW JUST 4 more Bass Ebooks to reach quota! We are SO CLOSE!!!!!!who is
    interested in a LIFE CHANGING Bass Method Ebook! My Ebook is NOT a
    theory book and does NOT teach gimmicks! However, my Ebook WILL teach
    you exactly how bassists like Jamerson, Sting, McCartney, Lee, Swallow,
    Burton, Harris, and any other great old cat of the past approached the

  30. "A band won't survive long without a bass player" Tell that to the Doors.

    Oh wait

  31. headless bass is best 😛 like mine

  32. What can I do about fret buzz

  33. Hey Tom – your lesson is great however the people who put the video together need lessons in how to make videos. Your voice is too quiet and No.2 camera should be solely focussed on your hand movements not side shots of your face. Other than that, thanks very much.

  34. Thanks for this video. I am a beginner, but also totally blind, and this video has proven helpful already, and I'm only ten minutes in.

  35. Anyone know a good bass that sounds great and cheap? I think i might start playing the bass.

  36. I've had my bass for 6 years, and I'm picking it back up to play the Seinfeld theme

  37. Strongersevillian

    You are using a PICK. Dislike

  38. Very thorough, and concise. No wasted words, no yakking, no smoker's coughing, no distracting glove wear…clean, clear lesson. Great, great, great….a couple of things though. Back ground music a little distracting and I can't tell which of your four fingers is pressing the note. Other than that, you are my go- to bass guy.

  39. Hard to play it

  40. 7:56 The two sound "quite similar??" Grow some ears. The A string is evidently lower.

  41. I already know how to play guitar and this video made me feel stupid


    Does anyone want start a band?

  43. Nine Tens And Fivers

    I have so many questions! I'm still at the start of the video but I may as well ask them now. See, my birthday is coming up and I'm really fond of both the look and sound of bass guitar, but I want something that is portable.

    1) Can you play bass without amplifier? If so, what does it sound like?

    2) If not, are there any small and cheap amplifiers that are considered portable?

    3) Instead, Can an acoustic bass be played without an amp?

    4) Are there any other sizes of basses since I'm tiny af?

    Sorry for sounding like a dumbass! I'm not very familiar with it but I really hope to start playing one.

  44. when he said just like heaven i was like ahahahsauihdui

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