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Bass Octaves For Beginners

In this weeks lesson I’m covering the basics of the octave pattern and providing a few exercises to help you get it under your fingers.

Lesson material available here: https://www.talkingbass.net/how-to-play-bass-octave-patterns-for-beginners/

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  1. thank you for those lessons they already helped me soo much

  2. Awesome- thank you! Looking forward to next week's lesson 👍

  3. I wish you and the internet were around 20+ years ago when I first tried bass

  4. Sisupalan Martin

    I wish long life and sound health for this great man who is sharing his best fruits for others GOD Bless You

  5. Thanks Mark! You're a great teacher. keep the good work up.

  6. I started doing this a month ago. But nevertheless, I was looking for something like this from you. Glad to see it happening. I too can't Waite to see the other parts. Wonder what they will bring to the table.

  7. Great lesson, look forward to part 2

  8. Great exercise – I'll work this into my routine. Thanks Mark!

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