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Beatles – Let it Be – Super Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons – Easy Songs on Acoustic Guitar

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Beatles – Let it Be – Super Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons – Easy Songs on Acoustic Guitar


  1. I noticed how you strum on the fretboard, that really helps so I can see what you are doing, is that why you do it? 🙂 just for me?


    Teach shape of you tune

  3. ser marty can u teach me how to play katewaridoki of your name themes song plsssss

  4. Haha!! Where and what would I do without you Marty.. Thank you brother!! : )

  5. Carolyn Harder

    You are. Great teacher. Thankyou…

  6. Laine Ream Cistulli

    Can you teach Dear Prudence?!?!

  7. can you please do 'You can't make old friends' by Dolly Parton and Kenny rogers? please? 🙏

  8. Michael Domingo

    awesome mr. marty thanks for the tutorial. i learn alot

  9. Leslie A Fortune

    LOL….you make me laugh my tits off!…….5 mins video…3 hours of practice….I can now play a fantastic tune…Thanks for the vid and HUMOUR..I learnt to play a classic tune. Cheers. This from a fan from Liverpool UK. Woolton Village to be exact. Site of the first Quarrymen gig when John & Paul met. The Beatles songs are so close to my heart…..especially Let it Be….Thanks once again.

  10. 재미있는 친구네
    i love you

  11. Marty is the GOAT of guitar tutorial….

  12. Jeffery Fulkerson

    please tune your instrument before trying to teach anything..ok

  13. C G Am F

  14. am i doing something wrong or why is Am and F sounding the same?

  15. You look alot like anup sastry. You guys should make a collab hahaha kidding ✌🏻

  16. michael edwards

    down in a hole alice in chains

  17. Thanks, Marty! My roommate thinks I sound like a savant thanks to your lessons…

  18. Mr. Marty Schwartz can you make a lesson of the song: GAYE? This song was sang by CLIFFORD T. WARD in 1973. Thank you from Michele ( Italy. )

  19. keep at it bro ,spent a few hours last few months ,joining in,,lol,..on other suggestions of yours ,,cheers ,time for a cider

  20. musclecarsound

    Thanks Marty for posting this. It's fantastic and you are great for showing us how to play!

  21. See? Those are your tears, man.

    Not accurate imo ;_;

  22. Larry Lorgeree

    Thanks, Marty.

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