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BEGINNER GUITAR: Guitar Scales for Beginners

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Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question…

Q: I started playing guitar earlier this year and still consider myself a beginner. I’ve studied several different chords and learned some parts of songs. But, I want to know where I should begin with learning some of the basics about scales. I tried “C Major” in open position, but I realize, there are neck patterns. Could you make a lesson on Scales for Beginners?
Jason – Silver City, New Mexico USA

A: Scales are one of those important guitar neck ideas that we all need to work on at some point. And, for beginners, scales will often come up when learning song parts that contain single-note melody lines. For beginners, scale ideas tend to get learned in small regional areas that are often tied to a song melody and not to any music theory idea. This can pose a problem for beginners since the patterns and shapes are not clear with respect to their tonality, (if they’re major or minor) and to how the scales can be applied in more than one musical situation. In this lesson we’ll work on getting more logic together with the scales. We’ll work on fret-board awareness with scale names and scale types, we’ll learn some simple major & minor shapes and we’ll put them into use around short melodies.

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  2. Why every 5 major scale shape has 17 notes..? Any purpose?

  3. Thank you!

  4. 12:18 that scale sounds like that song my girl by the temptations .. guessing that's probably where they got the idea

  5. this is way too confusing for me.

  6. what is different between..major and minor? which note makes major to minor- or minor to major?

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  8. …I love your guitar…I think santana and klugh.

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  10. The intro was so beautiful

  11. Thanks for such an in depth look, and teaching us something that is often overlooked in learning instruments. That is understanding music music theory and learning why melodies happen, how the notes connect and so on. Your videos have made me realize my High School band director made us do so many of the things that you teach us for the reason of being able to make music from yourself, not reading a cut and dry piece of sheet music, or looking up how a song is played. You offer a very Intellectual look into music, and have opened so many doors for me and for that I thank you.

  12. thanks ! been needing to learn some scales!

  13. I have that same exact guitar

  14. uhhhg i have really tiny hands this has been killin me but good stuff def been helping

  15. I shouldn't have drunk a cup of coffee before bed….Ah well I'm up, I might as well play my guitar

  16. thank you!

  17. what is happening here? the handouts are missing completely. I've tried searching the site…no luck. please help as I really like this video

  18. I really want to understand this stuff, but I swear it's like learning alegbra.

  19. You was talking about handouts, I need that kind of stuff, I learn better. let me know how to download or mail or what. I would love to have those

  20. Nice tune😀

  21. creativeguitarstudio

    This weeks Guitar Lesson: 
    " Guitar Scales for Beginners " 
    Handout will be available on: Sunday July 19, 2015

  22. every week, a great lesson brought! thank you so much, they are all so helpfull.

  23. Awesome lesson Mr. Wasson, really love the way you make them based on poeple E-mail's. Clear and slow paced explanation of what any guitar player needs. Thanks a lot!

  24. been subscribed for awhile, you really are an amazing guitar player. good teacher but the way you play is beautiful

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