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Beginner Guitar Lesson Course – Lesson 1: Introduction and what to expect

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  1. Thank you for all you do man!

  2. What do I do next??


  4. Phindow Makhathini

    Thank you! this is what I needed all my Life!! worship songs!

  5. Thank you for being a blessing! God bless you!

  6. james lambert balucan

    i don't understand

  7. Harif Nepen Marbun


  8. Hi Coach Brian! Today is my birthday and I just bought myself a guitar. To sing and to worship our Lord Jesus Christ, this is the reason why I'm so eager to learn. I'm grateful that I found your youtube channel and I'm looking forward for more guitar lessons from you. Thank you and God bless πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  9. Ailine Vahafolau

    this was very helpful

  10. thanks

  11. Pakhtoon Nangyaal

    You're the only teacher is f guitar I just bought today my guitar and now I'm learning from you but I want to be the rock boy of guitar but how?

  12. What I bring to my real guitar lessons? how to prepared for guitar lessons? what I do on night before on day of guitar lessons?

  13. starting today

  14. ur helping me

  15. tnx brian

  16. thank you

  17. I just got my guitar, And I wanted to learn how to play it. I found this video, And I'm sort of better. At least I know how to hold it now haha.

  18. Chanchal Bhattacharya

    Beautiful background score. Which song is it?

  19. Marline Brunache

    so excited !! thx

  20. i a complete noob to guitar and I am very much excited to watch this course, I live in a 3rd world country and I really appreciate this. Thank you

  21. thank you so much i am excited

  22. Are you going to do novice or advanced lessons eventually?

  23. During this lesson will you be teaching what strings to use and how you to replace each string from 6th-1st string? Cheers

  24. Junior Avelaneda

    IΒ΄m in! =)

  25. Hi!! Just want to say thanks for this, I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar so I can worship God when I am at home rather than just playing it on my phone. But it's hard to start because here in Singapore it's hard to explain that I want to play the guitar for God

  26. oh my, thank you so much!! that is really what i want these days! i love worship and i really hope that i can play myself guitar and worship God! THANKS!!!

  27. This is awesome! Very informative. Hello from the other side of the world! ☺😊

  28. Am glad for that

  29. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  30. Edilsa Argentine

    yay!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!! i am a beginner, or medium but I want to learn so much!

  31. Yesssssssss..

  32. could you do a video for Here's my heart by David Crowder?

  33. Ah thank you what a blessing! I just bought a guitar from an op shop and want to play and sing praise to the Lord. Really excited for this πŸ™‚

  34. Brian, What is your church? And Where you from? ☺ God bless you!

  35. Your website is too expensive. Planned on getting some pads for my worship team but they are a bit too pricey

  36. Are you going to upload all the videos on your youtube-channel or on your website? πŸ™‚

  37. Sweet. My niece just picked up guitar and wants to learn. I would teach her, but I live 8 hours from her. I will send her this course for sure, and I know she will love it! I love your approach. That is how I was teaching her.

  38. If you wanted to expand on this series, you could add an "extras" section with stuff like guitar pedal setup, different types of pedals, how to use certain pedals correctly (delay, reverb, etc), lead guitar basics, what the switches and all that stuff mean on an electric, how to read tab , etc

  39. Thank you, Brian!! I would like to start the adventure of play the guitar, but until now, I haven't the enough will to do it, but I'll try to learn and learn for God's glory. Expecting for more of this videos!

  40. woww! let's improve our skills guys!

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