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Beginner Plus Worship Bass Course

This course is for bass players who have the basics down and want to know which notes to choose when going beyond the root note, how to create licks and fills and want get to know the fretboard better.

How does it work?
Beginner Plus Bass combines learning some great new skills through technique lessons, exercises and play alongs and then puts them into practice by learning how to play pro standard bass parts to well known worship songs, with every note fill and lick unpacked step-by-step.

What do I learn?

Technique lessons
• Scale shapes in the keys of G, D, A, Bb and B
• Fretboard positional playing in the keys of G, D, A, Bb and B
• Creating movement using passing notes
• How to use low 5ths to create ‘in the pocket’ fills
• Using chord tones to create tasteful licks and runs
• Combining high 5ths 3rds and 7th for smooth chord to chord movement
• Building right hand dexterity to play fast 8th notes
• How to integrate all techniques into pro standard bass parts

• Wake (Hillsong Young and Free) Key – G
• We Are The Free (Matt Redman) Key – G
• At Your Name (Phil Wickham) Key – G
• Oceans (Hillsong) Key – D
• Abide With Me (Matt Redman) Key – A
• All because of Jesus (Casting Crowns) Key – Bb
• Always (Kristian Stanfill) Key – B

Included extras
Everything you need to master the song and technique is included:
• A chord chart for each song
• Full length video play through for each song with bass parts on screen
• Exercises and play alongs

Download the course here http://www.musicademy.com/store/uk/christian-bass/worship-bass-downloads/beginner-plus-bass/beginner-plus-bass.html

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  1. Is this a online course or a DVD?

  2. do you guys have a music school or just online lessons and videos? really interested in getting and learning more of the piano

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