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Bob Marley “Three Little Birds” Lesson – Easiest Guitar Songs for Beginners

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Easy Guitar Song, Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” full lesson with guitar chords and lyrics.

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  1. My official tab and chord sheet is FREE to the public at: https://goo.gl/8Di5Jz. Join me on Patreon to gain access to hundreds of other tabs, exclusive videos, backing tracks, ebooks and more! Thanks and enjoy your progress. -Rob

  2. Thank you awesome way to teach

  3. It looks like a special guitar

  4. What kind of guitar is that? I love it

  5. Great work buddy!

  6. Dictionnaire de Tout


  7. Casey BrizendinePainting


  8. Dude, what's your name again? I swear, you're one of the best guitar teacher here in youtube…I can tell that you have that good and happy spirit, good personality. And please stay who you are, and keep your passion and teaching. We really appreciate your time and effort…I've learned to play some of my favorite songs here because of you. Thanks so much…:))

  9. this is supposed to be beginner friendly?? T^T

  10. Aurøre Franquart

    Hi there, you just earned a subsciber! Love your lessons, thank you.
    I was wondering if someone could help me finding 2 chords from a song : I'm trying to find the chords of the intro of the Live version of "Down by the river" by Milky Chance, I found the 2 first chords but I'm having a hard time figuring the last 2 ones. I find this intro really cool and much better than the studio version, but I really don't find them.
    Please if someone sees this coud you help me?

  11. Joaquin Francisco villalpando apaza

    this is the best teacher of guitar that i've know

  12. Hong Phuong Tran

    Can you please teach perfect by ed sheeran please?

  13. Maria Fernanda Malheiros Martinez

    me apaixonei!!!

  14. thank you …u are a good teacher easy to follow cool runnins

  15. one quwestion please!!!!
    How can you do when you play the chords, creating the rhythm, to do the small short sound with the guitar, I mean to stop the string. I cannot do it ! When I play the sound is not stopping because I don't know how to stop the chords how you do, with the affect of short note…please tell me!!!

  16. John Niño colina

    Could you teach us Buffalo soldier by bob marley?

  17. John Niño colina

    Thanks man! I understand quickly, so easy I though it so hard, Im so thankful that I see your tutorial

  18. Is it important that its an up stroke? I've only been playing a couple of days, and it's much easier to use a down stroke. To my untrained ears, they sound the same.

  19. Confusing AF intro

  20. bagak baen heang

  21. Great explanations throughout. I often find myself cycling back to your videos after trying to learn a new song via other videos. Thanks much.

  22. plz give Pagoda death to birth song lesson

  23. Charlie Jungwirth

    Amazing lesson and amazing singing!

  24. Juande Fernández

    Thank you for your work

  25. great song u do well

  26. flip the tables (╯⍤ᴥ⍤)╯︵ ┻━┻ hes good

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