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Buying Your First Guitar! – ACOUSTIC or ELECTRIC??

Should new musicians buy an Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar as their first instrument?
Check out this video for some pros, cons, and playing examples of each ๐Ÿ™‚
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  1. another amazing video that really helps your viewer a lot. thumbs up for this! when i started learning guitar i started using electric , all that you said was right and for me thats an advantage for a new learner. thanks Darrel Braun. Amazing! just love it.

  2. Matteo porcia Puricelli

    Best for starting play guitar is the classical guitar with a good guitar teacher

  3. Cheaper Electrics are less risky than Cheaper Acoustics! Either way, put a lot of research in before you click buy!

  4. A Beginner Guitarist's View

    Great video! I'll point people towards it on my social channels as it is really balanced and well thought out – and with that, I need to go an buy a nylon-string as they sound so good and I'd completely forgot how much I like the tone ;-).

  5. I for some reason got a hollow body for my first guitar and am too lazy to plug it into my amp so I sort of have both.

  6. I started on a cheap acoustic. Those high action though. But I think it's a benefit to me. After I collect all of the strengths from the acoustic, going to electric is much easier to play, I can bend further and I can play barre chords easier.. And the best thing on an electric guitar is, well, of course, overdrive. So now I can play my critically overplayed riff on my electric guitar ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Great advice. I started on classical as someone leant it to me and it was free. I play electric and acoustic and still love classical. Your advice on a thin acoustic is great. I have had a dreadnought for 40 years and recently bought an Om – 14 and cannot believe how incredibly easy it is to play in comparison. Love the channel and the look of your Godin nylon / electric.

  8. The things is, you dont want to buy a kid an electric at the risk they don't actually like playing. It is a lot cheaper/easier to just buy an acoustic than it is an electric + wires/amps

  9. ศ˜ศšษ„ฦ‘ฦ‘ษŽวพษ„1oo

    Nothing satisfying about playing an electric guitar for me. If I'm not going to enjoy the sound I'm not going to play. It's an individual choice.

  10. Benjamin Jentgen

    I really dislike acoustic guitars because of their body size. When I play, I like holding the axe tight against myself. I always feel I'm holding a big stuff and I don't know what to do with my arms :p Piezo pickups can overcome standard electric guitar tone so it's possible to ring like acoustic without playing it.

  11. I've always looked at it like learning to drive a car manual vs. automatic. If you learn automatic (electric) then it can be very difficult to go to manual (acoustic). Whereas the reverse is true, if you can get comfortable and calloused up on an acoustic (manual) then an electric feels like butter, you don't get fatigued nearly as easily and knobs and buttons take 3 seconds to learn and figure out… You're much more likely to end a rounded player, whereas if you start on an electric, then you're much LESS likely to get proficient or good on an acoustic…

  12. Abdurrahman Vural

    How beautiful thing that you or another amazing guitar player help to the other beginners. You all really trying to teach us the most important things. Thanks a lot ! :))
    God bless you all !

  13. I'd say build your first guitar. It was truly test of my dedication when i built my first bass. You'll suffer in the process but damn i felt like a jedi padawan constructed his first lightsaber when i was done. Do not let the final product fool you though you're not done, now you have to master it, the initial dedication is now a feel of responsability to continue on. Go out, and try out different models and stitch up whatever you like the most in one instrument. If you gonna build an acoustic… may God have mercy acoustic chamgers are a nightmare.

    Pro Tip: Bolted necks makes it easy neck adjustments via added wood pieces. And do not bother winding your own pickup at first(it's not hard but damn agonizing to find components like the magnets or super thing copper wire depending where do you live) Have a friend knows how to play the thing so you have a test dummy, Leo Fender didn't knew how to play too ya know! Heck maybe buy some kits you can assemble, i wish i had those where i live lol

  14. I first learned on acustic but electric is easier I love both I love playing all styles

  15. The instrumentals passage on every of your video are so beautiful O_O

    You should learn us why you put a capot on only 4 strings at 4:42

  16. Legendary gamer And guitar stuff

    Hey Darrel as usual just fantastic this would make so much for a beginner

  17. The thing is you'll end up with both ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. The knobs on an electric guitar aren't that hard. There is really only the pickup selector to get familiar with. Besides that there is a knob turning the guitar off and another one you just keep on full no matter what ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Chris Skywalker

    Acoustic first.

  20. Great video! One thing you left out is cost. Electrics typically cost more vs acoustic because there is more "stuff" in the electric (which you touched on). But you also need to figure in the cost of an amp. Amps can be inexpensive, but it does add to the total cost.

  21. I HIGHLY recommend nylon classical guitar for many reasons.. 1st, it has wider neck therefore you will learn chords easily since you have more room for each finger (and helps you stretch your fingers better).. 2nd reason, it is much easier to play due to the shorter scale length or it could just be the strings being MUCH softer so it's much easier to fret a note AND it won't hurt your fingers due to the softness of the nylon strings. Not to mention it is simpler than electric and usually smaller than a typical acoustic. I would recommend a Yamaha C40/C40M or C70.. very cheap and they are actually good quality.. many have learned on these guitars and I'm one of them. Great video as usual Darrell and fantastic playing!

  22. What is the model of the acoustic guitar you are playing?

  23. I started playing a strat copy at about 13 years of age and needed an electric to take advantage of playing with my peers at that time. I couldnโ€™t have joined the garage band with an acoustic. Over time I upgraded my electric guitar, however for one reason or another I stopped playing. Twenty-odd years later I got myself an acoustic. I think thereโ€™s a lot to be said for how easy it is to just pick up and play and learn complete songs that you can perform for friends. The acoustic works for me. A short scale could be a good option for someone who feels a dreadnought size is overwhelming.

  24. What if you split the difference and go for something like an ES339? I've never seen a semi -hollow or a hollowbody electric guitar live, so I don't know if this makes sense.

  25. Brent Matsumoto

    I started on an acoustic. It was the cheaper route by far. And I didn't have to worry about things like amps, power and all that stuff. I could just pick up my acoustic and practice anytime, anywhere. Yah, it wasn't the easier route of the two, but man it strengthened my fingers real quick!

  26. I started with electric, but it was a really cheap ebay guitar, so I thought maybe electric isn't for me and I bought an acoustic. Now that I have a fairly decent electric guitar, I can say that I definetly like electric guitar more. It's easier to play for me and generally more enjoyable since most of the music I like is played on electric.

    So, bottom line: Start with whatever you like most, but buy something decent. A Squier Bullet Strat Epiphone Les Paul Special or Ibanez GRG140 are great beginner electric guitars. If you want to start on acoustic, check out the Epiphone DR-100 or Fender FA-125.

  27. Robin Bebbington

    I started with a classical acoustic and initially focused on fingerpicking which suited that guitar. But I found I wasn't progressing and wanted to start strumming and then the classical just sounded wrong. I then built a kit Les Paul which to try out a narrower neck and thinner body as I have a right shoulder injury which has been an issue for a couple of years. Now I play a steel string acoustic mostly and recently picked up a like new condition strat. I find the strat very easy to play acoustically as its very comfortable. I would recommend eithera thin body steel string with 10s or an electric strat even without an amp. Just make sure the electric sounds pleasing acoustically. I do find as play more my instrument needs have also changed a bit. So go and try a few and pick based on what you would like to play as you can play the basics on any guitar.

  28. My first guitar was 3/4 classical guitar and I think that is the best start to learn (I learned on 3/4 because I was child, now I'm elder). In my opinion not electric or acoustic but classic.

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