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Buying Your First Guitar – Squier Starter Pack


  1. Starter guitar? ok. cough ..i just afforded it and bought it, i´ve player guitar for 4 years.. cough

  2. These packs seem to be non-existent now, when I do find them they're about £100 more expensive.

  3. My first guitar was an Applause strat and a Dean Markley amp. Things have certainly changed since my old Squier strat is now made much better

  4. Love the squier if only malaysian prices is much much cheaper, and you guys kind enough to make a giveaway! You guys rock!

  5. do they do a blue guitar starter pack?, just noticed the blue fender, would like lol.

  6. Quit trying to be funny.

  7. The amp doesn't sound bad with clean, but with the distortion it's really bad. Parents, if you want your child to pursue the amazing instrument that is the electric guitar, then don't buy a starter pack. Instead, look for a good guitar for $200-250, such as Ibanez GRG120BDX, or anything in the Ibanez Gio series. Then a good amp for $100-$150 such as the Blackstar ID: Core 20W, or for a little bit extra cash, the 40W. Buying the gear separately might be a little bit more expensive, but it will save your ears, and your money, in the long run.

  8. I hate Squier made in china shit guitars absolute pieces of crap! Buy at least a MIM strat

  9. Juju Smith-Schuster

    5:30 a louder version of the earlier piece of crap

  10. Yo, Chap. What was that tune you were playing at 1:56?

  11. I'm buying the Squier Affinity strat TODAY. NO JOKE. I may even upload a vid

  12. dayshawna courtney

    the problem with these for me are the amps the guitars are actually great to start on for me the teles are amazing and my friend modded and now it sounds 100 times better.

    as for the amps that come with these packs i think it’s better to just buy a squier separate, if you live in america go to the guitar center website or get the app and squiers are really cheap and affordable. even apps like letgo, some people sell really good guitars for really cheap. i recommend a blackstar amp though, a smaller one is cheap and sounds great!

  13. I learned on a black cd-60 just like that

  14. I've been looking at getting my first guitar, being a complete novice, with no intention of ever getting up on stage to play, I think cheapish starter pack would be all I need, I've been looking at the Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul special-II performance pack with, I think, a 15 watt amp.. would that be a decent one to get?

  15. Ninja Guitarist56

    I have been watching this for ever since I wanted to start the guitar. I have not seen this video in like 1 year this gives me so much nostalgia, me sitting on the desktop faking the awesome solos Rob does… ahh, Being a begginer was awesome.

  16. would have liked the guitar info windows on longer to read them….
    great info. great playing !

  17. Why am I here

  18. Tim Vandecasteele

    I'm just starting off with playing guitar and am looking to get the pack shown at 5:40 (Squier Affinity 15G Pack) should I get this or is there better stuff on the market in the same price range?

  19. I Dont Know what to call this youtube channel

    Look, if you are going to buy a sub €300 guitar I would defo recommend a yamaha Pacifica

  20. It seems like rob doesn't even want to be there but lee forced him into doing like he did for the John 5 review lol

  21. shiiiittt, ive never owned a squier, but what i do know is im very sure from looks wise they shouldnt look much different to fender. HOWEVER, if you take a close look at all the strats shown here, im disgusted by how far apart the gap between the pickguard and the trem bridge is. has it always been like this now or what ?

  22. I bought myself my first guitar a year ago for 290€ and it is beautiful, and also a great budget guitar and just lightly used, happened to be an Epiphone Les Paul standar plustop pro cherry sunburst

  23. A Triggered Parrot From Texas

    I came here for that awesome intro…. And Lola.

  24. 8:55 anyone knows from where is this riff?

  25. That 10w fender amp was my first amp. I used to rock that with my pawnshop guitar all the time. Still use the same pawnshop guitar and upgraded my amp for a 20w cube amp. I will never forget these days of learning nirvana songs, then upgrading to avenged sevenfold and satriani jams.

  26. BTW, though no one else will tell you, your DS-1 pedal sounds about as cheesy as the distortion on this monstrosity called an amplifier.

  27. Of the box of garbage called the starter pack the amp is the worst. I hate those things. And this is as good as one of those things can sound!

  28. 11:43 – i thought the guitar was going to start smoking – lol

  29. I messed with a guitar all my life, I just want something with a headphone jack as I have roomies, and electric – and be able to get back in the gig again. Great video and thanks for your time! I will ROCK OUT!

  30. These are great, had a pack very similar to this as I wanted to play but didn't want to spend a lot of money as I I might have given up on learning. Been playing over 2 years now and bought and new amp after the first year and now I'm buying a new SG!

  31. I have that GDEC Junior and a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro.

  32. Oooh someone please tell me, what was the first song Rob played on the acoustic? 😛 Sounds so cool

  33. So,…. anyone got the link ?

  34. Or just the one your uncle left under his parents bed for 4 years.

  35. Can someone give me a little advice about the frontman 15 cause I am deciding wether to sell or trade it for a 10 or 15 watt Marshall amp , does anyone think that it would be advisable?

  36. I have a Frontman 10G but it's broken.

  37. Daily Cup of Justin

    i just bought my "first" guitar. its a 74 conn f-20. was only 120 bucks and i absolutely love it.

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