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Check Yes or No – George Strait (Beginner Guitar Lesson)

This classic from 1996 by the legendary George Strait uses 4 easy to play chords. G, D, A and Bm. Checkout all my lessons at http://www.countrysongteacher.com
God bless!


  1. I know this is an old video, but I,just wanted to give an FYI. For those of you wanting to play like the video, he uses a capo on the 3rd fret in the video.

  2. probably my favorite video you have matt right on

  3. i know this sounds wird but im using this for a mandolin because i cant find it for the instrument

  4. I love your videos! I like when you put the chords on a board behind you. It's nice to keep the chords in mind. Just learning and you're a real help!

  5. hey thank you buddy for taking time out of you day to help teach us it really means alot.


    i can play this song here after a year of learning this i was new to guitar it feels good when you can play the song and it sounds right thanks Matt for teaching me how to play the guitar

  7. Hey matt can you please make a picking melody for this song?:)

  8. What is the strumming pattern you do for the D/A & that G? I'm having trouble working on the strumming when I try to do anything besides 2 downs for the D/A and 4 for the D.

  9. where you get the guitar

  10. Froggington Post

    your G should be strummed up as it's an off beat 🙂 sounds better in my opinion too

  11. I've been playing the intro over and over again trying to learn it. I think I've got it down, now my fingers need some rest. Thanks!

  12. Thank you so much. This lesson was extremely helpful. You explained everything very well and didn't skip anything.😊


    i am still learning this song i got the g d a right just having trouble with trying to get it to sound right timing


    i played so much until the tips of my fingers are very sore


    this is a great video i just subscribe i am a beginner i been working on my guitar i have 2 guitar the one i using to play this song is like your guitar i don,t know if it the same band but its shape like yours my guitar is a bently

  16. Man you do a great job with a great personality….keep on doing it

  17. thanks this is easy for me to play country music is mostly all i play

  18. Hey Matt, Thanks i just started playing and my grandma is a huge george strait fan and also thanks for the 4 chords tutorial it has helped so much.Thanks again.

  19. I just got my guitar and this is the first song I wanted to learn so thank you so much for the tips!

  20. Robert Griffith

    what is the strumming pattern

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