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Classic Rock Rhythm | Tim Pierce | Learn To Play | Guitar Lesson

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Here’s a new YouTube video. The performance has a very Chuck Berry/Humble Pie rhythm part. It requires a very long stretch on the pinky finger of the fret hand.

The composition then morphs into Van Halen meets T. Rex.

The guitar is a Fano that I bought off the wall at a local music store some years ago and then added Arcane P 90 pickups.

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  1. My pinky is out of control! Its like twisted making it very hard to fret… I need a new pinky!

  2. Another great lesson Tim. Thanks

  3. Ahh Tim! Your knowledge and playing always floors me! Love it!

  4. Hey Tim! Question on your recording technique using a guitar with P-90s. How do you combat the hum caused by the pickups when you’re tracking in your control room? Thanks!!

  5. Darren Aitcheson

    V cool Lesson Tim. 🙂 Cheers

  6. Nice Tim!

  7. Tim could you make a video how you track youre guitars in youre daw , is this doubel tracked? how are they panned ? Are the doubeltracked tracks in stereo? Youre insights would be verry much appreciated Sir!

  8. just heard some of guitarland recently. digging it very much. the picture on the cover, how old were you? 15?

  9. SteveLookAtHer FN

    Oh man, I wish you were my neighbor. I would constantly sit by your window and listen all day ….😛

  10. Love it…

  11. Thanks Tim!

  12. Gotta say one of the best vids for Rock rhythm/lead…
    Nice explanation of the classic Rock "boogie" pattern.
    Wondering what amp and pedal(s) Tim is using

  13. Nice one, Tim. Takes me way back to THE day. Cookin'.

  14. Loo Wood - musician - producer

    Really applicable foundation required approaches to riff tools that every guitarist should be an expert at. Check out around 3:35 how if you listen closely (because the tone sounds radically different, do to he is trying to explain it an while doing that he slightly muffed the part ; -)>~ It's a great example of how important both of your hands position and the palm mutes, that then the whole of all the parts in concert, how it is so important and it's literally all in the player's hands. Especially if you have a slightly broken up tone or perhaps even more obvious super clean. If Tim was recording for a record here some one (like the producer) would be straight to stop, we gotta fix that or to letting it go do not stop a great part because it might add reality. Then critically listening to this over a few time soloed and then in the mix to see if it add's soul fullness or vibe or does it stand out as perhaps not solid enough or that they just want a perfect part start to finish live and that's what they paid for. As easy as is looks here add the length of the tune and perhaps your hands start to cramp up. These are all super important things to work through until your hands are made of steel and this is nothing for you to play anywhere on the neck, but try this in F on the 1st fret and feel the strain and maybe the pain of OMG this is not easy or fun, if you have small hands. Also this is right in the using a Capo around the 7th fret and up in that area where Keith Richards and many others, using standard and G or A or E tuning some with no low E string, for all those great Stone's (Mick Taylor era) songs like Midnight Rambler, Can't Cha Hear Me Knockin', Brown Sugar and so many great riffs that sound and feel so fun. Capo-ing add's that elusive missing element and many touring and recording pro's and out of work doin 'cause it's what you do, have certain guitars just for these sort of applications and tunes. If your lucky you might have a guitar set up that you can do all this live on stage or in the studio with no down time (do to your guitar being out of tune). Very important things to look for when buying or snagging an odd ball guitar to hot rod, like Tim did here, btw nice one man, which is done really well. P-90's do this so well and have a great middle clean position tone too. Any who my 2 cent novel. Even the best hit reality when slowing it down to dissect a 2nd nature fundamental technique. Super fun and like Tim demonstrates here can lead to at least 3 to 5 other complimentary parts. If your helping a talent get a song up and grooving. You could become indispensable to that said talent on their way up. Not a bad place to be. Maximum Respect to all

  15. Thanks Tim, good stuff!

  16. The "Brian May Move" at 7:20 also reminds me of Rosalie by Thin Lizzy. After hearing that lick, it got stuck in my head.

  17. It's only rock'n'roll but I like it. (Yes I do)

  18. Another great lesson on great playing Tim, thanks. Already a happy member of your Masterclass.

  19. Magical beard trim? 0:40

  20. He just loves this!! It shines through the screen! And so do I. This is great, and tim does everything just so right. The timing is just so perfect!

  21. Solid playing and great explanation!!

  22. I like that guitar – and fretting with your pinky like that is no small accomplishment!

  23. 0:28 is the money note! Magic Fingers that flutter, then explode, oozing rock licks up and down the stick. You make everything sound amazing!

  24. "The cool thing about rock, some of the mistakes just add character." — Tim Pierce

  25. Youre are A Rock Monster.

  26. Hadley Scott McIntyre


  27. So Tim, did you learn the pinky thing from Rocky Mountain Way or Choo Choo Mama? Cool guitar BTW.

  28. That P-90 non-reverse 'Bird-ish git is awesome! Great video as always, thanks Tim!

  29. Oh man, now THAT's what I'm talking about – Sweet! I'm headed over to the master class for the rest Tim!!!! Awesome Stuff!

  30. Dammit Tim, I love you dude, your very cool, your content is very versatile in my humble opinion, you allow us as players and viewers and followers ect. One think for ourselves, and two you give an amazing platform to sort of mentally jump off of, and in short i always have fun watching your channel and hearing you play anything. Thank you thank you thank you for everything that you do. Please dont ever stop. We need you.

  31. Great lesson, Tim. I graduated in '78 & this is highly reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd or Aerosmith. Thanks.

  32. its all those little riffs and fills that to me differentiate a good player from a world class pro like Mr. Pierce. Very cool stuff.

  33. The 70’s were the good ol days of great guitar riffs. Everyday something new back then. What a great time it was

  34. Cool guitar. Love the p90's! Enjoyed the video!

  35. Shredders take note – this is what it takes to play real music! Damn, this is some convincing rock'n'roll rhythm guitar. Screams groove and musicality!

  36. conmigo son 80 lilkes m^

  37. Cool riff. How would you play this if you can’t make that stretch with your little finger? What guitar is that? I couldn’t see the name on the head stock.

  38. P 90s rule!

  39. Love it – the lesson, the sound, the guitar and the Tim 😜

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