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Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners – Stand By Me

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Learn Ben E. Kings iconic masterpiece “Stand by Me”! This HD video lesson features chords, lyrics and R&B strumming technique!
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  2. Thanks a lot… from Lima, Perú!!!

  3. Hi I learned this song from you years ago and now I finally put it on back on youtube thanks so much ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Lx-wuLxSjI

  4. Are you the brother of Jesus

  5. Rubie Grimmett

    Your so handsome and knowledgeable

  6. How do you do the slapping part??

  7. Makes Hal Leonard's Easy Pop Melodies version seem poorly described; actually difficult: This is so much easier!!!

  8. Phoebe S Gamers

    320002 022000 x22010 xx0232
    Sorry I'm helping myself lol

  9. I went to get the ebook for a $1 as stated in your pinned message and only able to find it in the $10 selection. What am I missing?

  10. Quick question, would the chords be the same for electric gutair? I am playing along and it doesn't sound anything like yours 😂

  11. The hole point of beginners IS TO SHOW US WERE ARE FINGERS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE

  12. mondo mondo majorly helpful . would you mind playing 3 am match box 20 next I believe it's E. and D

  13. whats a guitar, I don't undersand whats goig on, I loosed momy I the soopermarcet

  14. Too easy brah👍🏽

  15. Cam's Creations

    you go to fast one second you're doing chords half a second later you explaining the song

  16. u have a beautiful voice



  18. Elijah Joel Ellazar

    I love it but I wish I could download it

  19. Dailycreeper 13

    Thank you for the tutorial now I know how to play 1 song on the guitar.

  20. You sing beautiful man!

  21. thanks!!!!

  22. You look diffrent

  23. Chloe Montanez

    Thanks Jason Mraz

  24. Mark Camponeschi

    looks like James Franco in Pineapple Express

  25. Shakira Fletcher

    We’re doing this song in school but we’re not doing those chords

  26. im having trouble transitioning chords :(((

  27. Grayson Fearnow

    Anyone else want to murder the kid in the yousician add who's playing that annoying ass fucking solo?

  28. Tnx for helping me

  29. Thanks dude, you rock! Just got my first guitar yesterday and can now actually play this song… kind of, heh.

  30. That chuck can't be good for string life, can it?

  31. I wish he showed the chords more slowly 😂 i suck at hem

  32. G- 320003
    E- 022000
    C- 032010
    D- 000232

  33. Omgg thank you so much!! I have a music exam in a week and I can’t play guitar for my life- so this really helped! Thankss!!!

  34. Angela De rijke

    Why i still suck with the c chord, really annoying😝

  35. Dude ur awesome.. I’ve tried so many vids n I always get confused or it don’t sound right but I actually got it .. it sound great. Thank u

  36. Harachan Candy

    I am absolutely confused

  37. Thank you Jesus looking man

  38. Awesome!:)

  39. Christina Hurley

    Oh my Jesus! I'm playing my dusty guitar that has been hiding in the corner waiting for my procrastinating ars to pick it up and learn something. Thank you!

  40. Thank you so much!!!

  41. Catherine Lewis

    thank you

  42. Thank you

  43. Thats what i call a tutorial, just try to work on you singing voice

  44. Great stuff brother. Thank you!

  45. So where are the cords to where to put fingers. Begginers

  46. Okay, and now a video how to sing it like you do.

  47. Abbie Thomson_5

    Thanks so much!! This tutorial is amazing so easy to follow and quick!! I am now a subscriber and I will use your videos daily!!!!

  48. Musical messiah

  49. AngryTypingGuy27

    Why does he lift his chord hand?

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