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Easy Robert Johnson-Style Blues | Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Learn to play an easy-ish blues loosely in the style of Robert Johnson. No pact with the devil necessary. Free music/tab for this lesson can be found here: https://www.anyonecanplayguitar.co.uk/a-robert-johnson-style-acoustic-blues/

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  1. I am Eduardo, live in Barcelona ( Spain ). I like your clas too mach.

  2. Robert Gendron

    you make it look easy.

  3. Great teacher explains well exc presentation of what you need to do and a great website with free tabs .

  4. Tony Armstrong


  5. epidemicjamesarx


  6. You got the left hand down pretty good…tighten up the right and put a little luv in it and "you got'er John, if she don't jump.."

  7. Thank you so much for this Adrian. I'm trying to learn some Robert Johnson tunes and this really helped me a lot with the tricky style of thumb strumming combined with picking. So difficult to get just right but this piece really helped.

  8. enjoyable lesson…regards, and thank you….

  9. Thanks for the free staff with the lesson.

  10. Anne Lebeaupin

    just excellent, thanks !

  11. I have just bought a Martin 000-15sm for exactly this type of blues. I cant wait to start. Thanks Adrian.

  12. Great, I've transformed it to ukuulele :). It sound great on ukulele too.

  13. Andrew Robertson

    Just downloaded the tabs . Brilliant really have something to work on now. Thanks Adrian great lesson 😀👍

  14. This is excellent, thank you. I’m surprised to have learned a Robert Johnson style blues from the same guy I learned ‘Sunday Morning’ from. You’re a cool guy and a great teacher.

  15. My gosh I just located your sessions tonight. You are an outstanding player and teacher. I do hope you’re still sharing your talent via theses lessons!

  16. homesick clifford

    You're a unique little fella & a good teacher, u get right to it none of that chatty crap, I'm here to learn thumbs up subscribed . You're not the devil are you? No would a had to unsubscribe whew cuz he can disguise himself you know?

  17. Whilst I know and play this piece myself, I have to say that you did an outstanding job in teaching the wonderful Robert Johnson blues lesson. The camera angle was perfect. And I learnt from it too. It will help make me play this number better. Grand job 🙂

  18. Great lesson, well explained.

  19. Excellent, thank you…keep up the great work, I think a lot folks would love to see more of these, as many of us play alone…you know closet guitarists….lol

  20. Charlie Durham

    Thanks for a great lesson,you actually take a complex method and make it very understandable.

  21. I'll purchase that guitar off of you for $0.00 cuz i'm broke and damn! That's a nice guitar.

  22. very nice sound thanks

  23. Thanks for the lesson! What kind of guitar are you playing in this video? It's gorgeous !

  24. I've been playing for almost 50 years and have watched a LOT of YouTube video lessons. You're a very good teacher. You don't make it at all about you and it's not ridiculously broken down to every single note. You also make good choices in terms of what you decide to teach. Keep up the good work.

  25. Cool lesson. Thanks!

  26. Alessandro Negri

    Thank you Adrien for your beautiful work. When I have some money (I'm really broke), I'll pay you back. Your lessons are really helpful, well-played and well-explained.

  27. Excellent lesson, finally mastered it in two weeks. What mic are you using I'm looking for one this might do. More blues thanks!

  28. Amazing, you got me playing it! Great lesson, thanks!

  29. Thank you!

  30. Great lesson. Thanks for this!

  31. Michael Strickland

    Great job. Thank you!

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