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Ed Sheeran – U.N.I. Guitar Lesson EASY 2 Chord Beginner Song #4

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  1. Jaskaran Singh

    Which guitar are you playing this song on?

  2. Is global guitar is expensive?

  3. Omg! I can play my favorite song at level 1!

  4. walter'o brien

    where's the link for the capo?

  5. Hello, could you please do Everything You Are by Ed Sheeran

  6. You spent half the video on the first 4 chords😒🙄

  7. Kätīã Kätīã

    you'r the best teacher thank you so much Andy 🎸🎸

  8. Pewdiepie

  9. You think this is easy until you remember that it has rap in it

  10. Thank you, Andy. I got my guitar around a month ago and I had no idea what to do with it lol. Just a random idea, can you make videos about technical guitar for example what kind of guitar string to get and what is the difference between different types of guitars and strings and so on.


    well you can still play the song without a capo but the key will be lower.

  12. Hey Andy, I'm 13 and learning to play the guitar… your tutorials have helped my so much! I thank you greatly

  13. ken kaneki tokyoghoul

    you look like PEWDIEPIE

  14. catalina hidalgo

    cold coffee

  15. Absolutely fabulous stuff! Thank you Andy!

  16. Andriana Kalyva

    You helped me alot!!🎶

  17. Learning fast. Excellent tutition Andy. The hard part for me is the A chord and by Banana fingers.

  18. Just an FYI for anyone who cares, Ed Sheeran uses and LX1E Little Martin

  19. thank you very much 🙂

  20. Gaming with Jamz

    I have to admit that one's one of the first YouTube guitar lesson I've ever understood xD
    Subscribed – Your so close to 400K!

  21. Karolina Kalfas

    I would much appreciate it if you made a tutorial of how to play Slide by Goo Goo Dolls! =)

  22. OriginalPirateLyricVideos

    Good advice on the G7th. Got myself one and it's much easier to set and stays in tune so much better than my cheap trigger. Yeah, it's a bit pricey but imo worth it.

  23. Roberto Oppong

    You are the best TEACHER ONLINE Andy 🙂 🙂

  24. Michela Sheerio

    I'm a beginner and i already love you

  25. Brandon Peatman

    no waaaay duuuude saaaaaahhhh

  26. Shwamptimp GMING

    What guitar are you playing?

  27. I'm a beginner and your videos are REALLY helpful so thanks so much !

  28. Favorite Child

    'preciate ya

  29. last again 😀

  30. God save the Queen 🤘

  31. I would love to know how to play the whole of Pictures Of Matchstick Men by Status Quo

  32. thanks for the song

  33. How about the when it comes to the fast lyrics of Uni

  34. Keep up the good work Andy! 🙂 But i miss the videos, which started with a little foretaste of the song 🙂

  35. 348th!

  36. Damn Andy you are on a roll. 3 tutorials in 2 days. God damn

  37. hitches be bouncing 123

    your British i couldn't tell with all of those pillows behind you

  38. Vincent Prakash

    spot on once again Andy. I reckon you're the best beginner guitar teacher on YouTube

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