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Electric Guitar and What’s in my bag

What’s in my bag and Electric Guitar Unboxing
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  1. You are so cute and funny 😄

  2. Great taste in 🎸!! Beautiful, that pick guard totally makes the look of the guitar. Congrats and enjoy!!

  3. She's so cute 😍😍😍

  4. 🖖Globin Poopin fellow redhead🖖

  5. It's pathetic watching all these tweenage boys try to Mack on you over the internet. Really pathetic… Lol.

    That's a nice looking guitar though. However I am not impressed with the way it was packaged because it looked like it was loose in that box. That's a terrible way to ship.

  6. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…….

  7. That's what they make box openers for. Enjoy your new guitar.

  8. Gel packs taste great with Tide Pods.

  9. Gorazd The Satanist

    great u bought yourself a showel and phone speakers

  10. No, you said it wrong. It's SQUEER. If they wanted you to call it squire, they would have spelled it right. It's SQUEER. (Oh, and after you sneezed, I noticed that you had a booger on your lower lip. Best wipe that off.)

  11. How to open a cardboard box 101

  12. A few years ago, I watched a video showing college kids in a room surrounding a student with a manual can opener. The 30 or 40 students watched as the student tried for what seemed like a lifetime, to figure out how to use that opener to open that can. Some students watching were suggesting to "google it", or search for an "app" that might help them open the can. Finally, after much struggle and strain, the can was opened to the cheers and applause of the other students. I figured (and hoped) that the video had been staged, and was probably a fake. Surely, nobody could be that, shall we say, intellectually challenged? But after seeing this video, in which the box was clearly out-smarting this young lady, I can see now what we are doomed.

  13. Cheesy Tott Man

    Sick video!! Should totally jam sometime!!

  14. Un youtuber más

    Name of the song?

  15. Tim S. ArtistMcc

    Awesome fender they are so mighty. Classic guitar to have for ever really.

  16. I thought it would be about guitar unboxing not bag unpacking

  17. Big mistake getting a squire strat the squire versions sound terrible if I got a squire it would be a mustang or telecaster

  18. Ronald Roberson

    You are so cute, Have fun with your guitar girl, and Rock out!

  19. Nice amp. You should look up some Ibanez. That is my favorite brand from a guitar player of 5 years 🙂

  20. cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool


  22. I have a question

    Does it play good for like metalcore songs?

    Like drop D and C

  23. Bro on everything on my dead parents grave i got the exact same guitar brooo im just shock! Man no one is gonna believe me because u cant post photos and shit here

  24. I subscribed!!! I love this video plz sub me

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