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Electric Guitar Buying Guide


  1. Def Leppard

  2. kurt cobain and jimmy page

  3. Zoot Horn Rollo!

  4. Kurt Cobain I miss Kurt 🙁

  5. You don't need to know Okay

    Step one don’t buy a chapman

  6. I'm a diehard Prince fan, so what guitar would I pursue?

  7. I'm so excited to get my first electric guitar after playing acoustic for a couple of years. I am planning on opening up my money box around January. Right now I should have ATLEAST $400 saved up. As a 14 year old who isn't old enough for a job I think I'm doing okay c:

  8. jetthesuperfluous

    What's the name of the track running through the speech?

  9. Hurt cobain.

  10. Slash inspired me

  11. What would be one of the best guitars to purchase that is not very expensive but good and im looking for something to play for music like pantera. Any suggestions?

  12. I think it's johnny marrs jaguar

  13. I need a guitar to write songs on.. The one I used broke (semi acoustic) My inspiration are Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse and Charlotte Cardin. What kinda guitar should I get? Or should I learn how to play the keyboard?

  14. What was that guitar at 4:29 and I want a guitar that can play Pantera fluidly

  15. I'm a huge John Mayer fan. Would a Les Paul (epiphone or Gibson) not be right for me?

  16. Jagstang

  17. I need a guitar which sounds like Slash…
    Should I buy a gibson les paul?


    nirvana smells like teen spirit

  19. Orlando Gutierrez

    I think its jack black

  20. Mine is slash an Kurt cobain

  21. I play clarinet, which is as sensible as you can get, but you know…..


  22. I really want to learn how to play electric guitar, what guitar do you guys recommend for a beginner?

  23. I go there
    It's in Newcastle
    I think
    Or I hope

  24. I love Hendrix, then I should buy a strat right?

  25. Elvis Costello

  26. I love a musician called Tash Sultana she has a pretty unique style but idk what type of guitar I would get

  27. As for Rock Gods does anyone know of any affordable guitars that simultaneously produce the sound of Johnny Marr and Jeff Buckley.

  28. Great informative video. Whats my options as a left handed player looking for my first guitar

  29. Billie Joe Armstrong

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