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Eric Clapton “Wonderful Tonight” Guitar Lesson (Easy Acoustic)

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  2. Connor Dobbins

    Do a full lesson for hotel California, with the picking patterns and solo

  3. Jennifer Cavender

    Please do a Tesla tutorial "What You Give"!

  4. You should do fifty ways to leave your lover by paul simon

  5. Society-Eddie Vedder please Marty!

  6. Nicolas Hanotel

    Must say that I love your beard
    I love your work, I've been following you for years, love your videos <3

  7. I've started 3 months ago and i'm excited on how happy it makes me feel! I'm learning a lot from you man, thanks for the vids! Have you done The Chain before?

  8. Good job Marty! What brand & gage strings do you prefer for acoustic guitar? Thanks!

  9. Silas Chatelaine

    Great tutorial Marty, i learned how to play because of you! I have a request, could you do "The beast in me" by Johnny cash? Thanks for the tutorials!

  10. Hy Marty may you please check ''Tinomuchena'' by oliver mtukudzi

  11. Great! 🙂 Love this song. I hope you do the electric version sometime as well.

  12. Giorgi Bikashvili

    Hey Marty! Could you please teach us One Last Breath by Creed. Thanks!

  13. Thanks for this tutorial, Marty. So glad that easy chords doesn't mean that it's been dumbed down.

  14. Shubhankar Kulkarni

    eyy what a classic . thanks

  15. Facundo Saldivia Cisternes

    Hey Marty could you please do a lesson on money for nothing or can’t you hear me knocking

  16. Jon Ingvi Einarsson

    can you teach thin lizzys still in love with you maybe

  17. thomas patelis

    You should do some Phish sometime!

  18. Access All Areas Disco

    Brilliant Marty mate. managed to transcribe the lick by ear myself and it was exactly the way you played it. So feeling well pleased with myself for that. Keep up the awesome work my friend

  19. Can you do the chain by fleetwood mac or Foxy lady by Jimi Hendrix please.

  20. Hi Marty! First of all, youre Videos are brilliant! I would love to learn the Chain from Fleetwood Mac. I would really appriciate it, if you could make a Video about it.
    Thank you for the great Videos and greetings from Austria!

  21. Leanna Mirenda

    Loving all the easy songs, thank you! from Australia xxx

  22. frank McLoughlin

    Thanks Marty you have taught me so much.Could you show us the guitar bends on THE pusher by Steppenwolf,Cheers.

  23. Please do December 1963 (Oh What a Night) for my girlfriends and my one year anniversary 🙂

  24. Alkurt Silvestre

    can you do Canon in D

  25. Can you please teach shape of my heart by sting..

  26. Michael Partyka

    Thanks for this one and many others. As one playing only two and a half years fully committed and loving it…I cannot thank you enough on how much you and my teachers have helped me! Keep rockin!

  27. Supreme Jedi Andrew

    Hey my man Marty i would appreciate it if you could please show us how to play we belong together by Ritchie Valenzuela, you see I use to listen to this song with my dog but recently he died and I would love to learn this song in his honor

  28. April sun in Cuba by dragon would be cool to learn how to play thanks

  29. I never realized how much this song sounds like free bird lol

  30. Hey Marty, could you do "Amarillo by Morning" by George Strait?

  31. Get Together by the Youngbloods?

  32. Hey Marty would really appreciate if you could do a lesson on Sublime with Rome "You Better Listen" on acoustic been looking around and there really isn't a video posted on the song and was hoping to learn it.

  33. Could u do faithfully plz or some more journey👌

  34. Great Lesson!!!

  35. Kazuya Mishima Edward See ba

    You're the best Marty

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