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Fingerpicking For BEGINNERS-Play Guitar In 12 Minutes!

Fingerpicking For BEGINNERS! An amazingly easy way to learn fingerstyle guitar.
In this Lesson 1 of “Fingerpicking For BEGINNERS-Play Guitar In 12 Minutes!,” you will learn and easy basic guitar picking pattern with your right hand, and an easy “CHEAT” chord on your left hand. By the end of the lesson, you can be playing parts if not all of this guitar lesson, it’s that EASY!

This Lesson 1 features a basic finger picking guitar pattern broken down from in sections to make it easily understandable.

The right hand picking involved is a basic finger picking pattern that is used in many many popular song. Learning this beginner guitar lesson is the first step to learn how to play the acoustic guitar the correct way.

Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar or Fingerpicking (or sometimes referred to as fingerstyle) guitar might seem a bit confusing when you first try it but, , fingerstyle guitar playing will become second nature with just a little repetition (practice)!

A correct fingerpicking hand position (right hand) will use your thumb, index, and middle fingers for picking. In this particular beginner fingerstyle guitar lesson, your thumb will pluck the 4th (D) string and the 3rd (G) string. Your index finger will pluck the 2nd (B) string. Your middle finger will pluck the 1st (E) string.

In general and depending on what chord you are playing, different strings will be plucked. But in this particular guitar lesson, we feature a two fingered D type of chord (left hand) which is very easy to play for a first time beginner on the guitar. Sometimes your fingers may pluck or “hit” other strings with your right hand, but try to stick to the easy beginner fingerstyle guitar lesson that is featured in the video.

I have looked at 25 other beginner fingerstyle guitar lessons and honestly, this one is a lot easier. Just watch the video and play your guitar along with this basic lesson (great to practice with). You will find that learning the guitar is very easy if you take it in small sections and don’t get overwhelmed by trying to do more. After you are finished with this lesson 1 of Fingerpicking For Beginners, you can continue after you are confident and ready to learn more and go to lesson #2. Currently there are 10 lessons and more to follow. And please if you haven’t already done so, subscribe to this channel as Google will inform you when new lessons are created.


  1. Awesome tutorial..great skills. Added to my list of videos. Subscribed also. I'm a newbie at the guitar..your videos are so helpful.
    Love how you say " You'll need a guitar " on a guitar tutorial video ?

  2. Brilliant! Thanks.?

  3. amazing

  4. Did anyone else hear 'Love Me Tender' by Elvis Presley when he plucked the first string ha?

  5. Veronica Martindale

    Oh and blessings from bonnie Scotland.

  6. Veronica Martindale

    Hi Bob, thanks for your kind reply. I also covet your prayers as it’s only the Lord who is carrying me through. I used to play guitar years ago in our small church in S Africa and also for a couple of years since we relocated to UK. Now I’m starting all over again, I’m really enjoying it although my fingers are sore. I intend to keep it up just for my own pleasure. Thank you. Xx

  7. Veronica Martindale

    Thank you for sharing your skills with us all. My husband passed away in March this year and I’ve taken up the guitar again, after many years. It helps me through the grieving process and I’m now excited about fingerpicking. I’ve wanted to do it for years and your style of teaching is perfect for me. So patient. Thank you Bob

  8. Veronica Martindale

    Thank you. I’m back and learning some good stuff xx

  9. good lesson keep it up

  10. Veronica Martindale

    Thanks so much. I love your patient way of teaching. I could not download the attachment nor the second lesson. All I have is this which is great anyway. Thank you

  11. Christopher Murray

    Thorough and PAATIENT. Thank you, Bridgewater!!!

  12. Your video is such an exciting find for me. I'm 53 and a few years ago I came across a few guitars someone else was chucking. They sat in the basement for years and just the other day i got one of them out and started fooling with it. Turns out, it is a great way to relax my busy busy, somewhat in control mind. I've looked at a few videos other people have put out and none of them have really hit home like this one has. I will be looking forward to your other lessons. Thanks a bunch.

  13. great video you broke it down so well and got a good finger/hand workout at that! thank u

  14. This was wonderful. Thanks for taking your time and really breaking this song up. I'm a superrrrr beginner. I just figured out what the notes are supposed to be tuned to (…I've had my guitar for almost a year). Anyways, I really appreciate the love. Peace Brother!!!!


    very helpful for me as a new learner.

  16. Did you just break your camara

  17. yeheey,got it*thank you… 🙂

  18. I'm new and always wanted to play this way. You are awesome thankyou

  19. Valentina Bedrovienė

    1. Have a guitar
    2.tune your guitar
    3. Count till 4 idk why but i like it ?

  20. Its on my bucket list to play a song on a guiture

  21. Here I am in the comments raging.

  22. Nice, Very helpful

  23. should i cut all my finger nails or should i grow nails for fingerstyle?

  24. This really is a great way to learn. I would like to know maybe the cords we are playing. Not that I can read music but at some point I'd like to understand that part too! Thank you, thank you.

  25. Like I was at a real lesson, amazing. Thanks

  26. Thanx so much for making it simpler….?

  27. ad is some guy playing guitar really well me: ok good for you

  28. haven't finished watching the video,but i already can say your style of teaching Is really great For beginners.Thx

  29. thanks man)

  30. I have a Hokada Stentor Guitar (vintage) and it is really difficult to learn?

  31. Amazing!…you r damn incredible at simplifying.. Love the way you teach.

  32. Did the guy actually collapse after the vid?

  33. Great lesson!

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