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Foo Fighters TIMES LIKE THESE Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Times Like These Chord/ TAB Sheet Link http://www.andyguitar.co.uk/?p=1393
Here’s how to play the acoustic version of Times Like These by the Foo Fighters. Based on this version by Dave Grohl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w0JiLKQ3-o

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  1. Great lesson as usual . I wonder you can show an acoustic lesson of Alter Bridge/Myles Kennedy 's Watch over You…. that would be amazing and I guess the entire Andy Guitar and AB fan base works be grateful as this one us really great stuff and tutorials on the web a horrible .. so nothing that came close to it to find… due to your talent and skills…I am 100% sure you gonna make it !!

  2. Whhhhaaaattt a song still need a time… upsss hellyeahhh

  3. Cynthia Rose Jones

    No Andy Guitar app? Or am I missing it somehow?

  4. Thank you Andy!

  5. The Thirsty Goose

    Good stuff mate. Easy, clear, and consise. Cheers from Aussie land🍺

  6. thankyou andy as always you are best teacher out there. can't wait to get to work on this one!

  7. please stop singing

  8. Ey up lad, nice to see a Yorkshireman doing his thing and doing it so well. Thanks Andy, brilliant

  9. Great lesson. Please teach wheels !!

  10. nice! how about a new mini-series like Pearl Jam thursdays for this brazilian fan?!

  11. Ruben Alejo Valencia Rezza

    muy bueno, super claro, muchas gracias!!!

  12. Absolutely my favourite song to play. It took me a fair while to get the intricacies down, but with this tutorial always at my beck and call I did it. Thank you chap 😊

  13. Dsus4 is just perfection 🙂

  14. Hi Andy – I am 62 yrs young and play in a 60 / 70's pop / rock band – we played an hour set at my youngest sons wedding a couple of years ago – my eldest son is getting married next year and wants to book a more contemporary band but wants to play a short spot with me and his friend to do this and Ho Hey by the Lumineers – neither feature very big on my radar !!!!! but I have put both together with the help of your tutorials – just got to teach them to him now !!!! – many thanks for giving your time to put these video's out and helping me short cut on preparation time – who says old dogs can't learn new tricks.Much Appreciated – Steve.

  15. Nice work Andy, thanks.


    I like your shirt

  17. I absolutely love your style of teaching how to play. Could you please do one video on how to play Everlong? I have a really hard time with fast picking notes but i would really love to know how to play whole song properly with all details. Thanks!


  19. tres bon

  20. I've always thought this guy's accent is very sexy. Does anybody know about his accent? Is that Manchester accent?

  21. Yes!! Foo fighters❤️❤️

  22. Yes!!! Foo Fighters 😀

  23. Dr. Scott Pacheco

    This is a great lesson Andy! The best part is incorporating the chord names into the song. "… and then a C chord, E minor, back to to D" 🙂 Keep it up. You make learning guitar fun.

  24. Awesome tutorial, thanks Andy!

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