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Gorillaz FEEL GOOD INC. Bass Guitar Lesson Standard Tuning EricBlackmonMusic HD

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  1. Best bass tutorials around

  2. Dude, great vid, I've never played before and this is a good one to start off with

  3. VERY HELPFUL THANKS!! Just got into bass and I’ve always wanted to play this

  4. I want one of your bass

  5. все понятно спасибо ,merci

  6. I want to get a bass what is good for 100 to 300 dollars

  7. thanks 😊


  9. If I played this with someone playing the guitar part from your other video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd1zlnOyChQ would it sound good? Are they in the same key etc?

  10. that intro was bangin'

  11. Thanks I was struggling with the slide but now I'm good

  12. Sherwayne Mccalla


  13. Is that a Jim Deacon bass in the background? I have one of them, haha.

  14. Because i didn't have a Bass Guitar, i just used an regular Guitar. (Don't know why?)

  15. Your a very goood teacher thanks

  16. is it possible to still do the slide on a short scale bass? can't get to fret 18 without it sounding awkward, 12/13 is the furthest I can comfortably go, but it doesn't exactly sound right?😬

  17. VegasGuy Kevin Cabasa

    amazing channel brother! Just getting into playing bass and you're helping me out allot! Keep up the lessons man

  18. Leonardo Placido

    thank you! you just earned a new subscriber!

  19. I'm a piano type of person so this is really outside my area

  20. which bass guitar is this?

  21. Thanks Eric great job as usual👍

  22. I like how you added the pic that shows which string and fret to play it really helps

  23. libertine libertine

    Wicked job mate, thank you!

  24. hey eric! I would really like to view a tutorial on slave`s watching you, ive seen several variations and I know yours would do it for me! thanks and I will look forward to it.

  25. What type of bass is that? It's a nice looking and playing one

  26. la puta toca ree bien 😂

  27. hey thank you man. I finally found someone that actually explains how to play it

  28. Hey! thanks for making the vid, really needed it.

  29. Thank you so much for doing this! I've only just started to learn bass and this was extremely helpful as you went though each step at a lovely pace. Thanks again!

  30. Cheers dude helps a lot

  31. Also yew are very good at playin

  32. Thank you for doing this video. I'm teaching meh self ta play. This really helps!😉

  33. Great tutorial! Thanks man

  34. Awesome, thank you so much

  35. Very helpful thank you

  36. Is it possible to do this with a regular guitar if you drop the tuning?

  37. EricBlackmonGuitar

    Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz Bass Guitar Lesson!

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