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Guitar Lesson 1 – Absolute Beginner? Start Here! [Free 10 Day Starter Course]


  1. Nice Video clip! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you researched – Rozardner Stopping Sounds Reality (search on google)? It is an awesome one off product for how to instantly slow down music by software minus the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker at very last got astronomical success with it.

  2. Wow you can explain it very Good! ?

  3. Very helpful ❤❤

  4. Please upload the vande mataram song by Sir please

  5. Learning first time but andy because of your channel it's getting easy you are awesome

  6. Ok, first time here, let see if I can play Yes' Roundabout at the end of the playlist 😛

  7. Thanks Andy. I am a complete beginner. Have learnt somuch in the 16 minutes lesson.

  8. Andy, I can't express to you enough, how much I appreciate your videos. I've just begun to learn the guitar by watching some videos on "easy" songs, but was having issues that I was failing to remedy on my own. This first lesson has answered all of my issues, thus far (no doubt, more will arise as I progress), and I'm excited to be starting at the very beginning with your lessons. Thank you!

  9. you are really great andy thank you soooo muchhhhhhhhh

  10. Miguel PS Barreto

    THANK YOU, I bought a guitar today for the first time!! tune it with that app, and followed all your very detailde instructions !!! I am playing !!! Great teacher!

  11. I can't seem to get A major down. Anyone have tips? I keep messing it up.

  12. I literally just called my dad while he was at work just to tell someone I learned my first song. Lol

  13. Bro, I followed the whole 90 degrees finger tip thing but the string still sounds muted…


  15. So I have a bit of a problem, my guitar is a Yamaha 40-c that I have been given by my friend. It is probably 10 years old, and I have just put on new strings. I have tuned it (I think I've done it correctly), but my sound sounds much heavier than his does. Can it be because my guitar is too old ??? Or is it my strings, I use ddario pro arte EJ45. If anyone has any suggentions please write!

  16. Andy Guitar you are amazing…and really thank you for such easy and understanding lessons…I can't believe I am playing those chords with ease…but YES…those fingers pain a lot…!

  17. Friend says guitar is easiest instrument to learn. I am at day 1 again after 1 month ><. Someone help.

  18. why the f are the chord maps upside down? lol

  19. Richard from Cornwall

    Andy – i'm going to be one of your students along with a friend of mine also teaching me guitar; he has same philosophy as you in learning by playing and singing simple songs to make it enjoyable!! Simple??
    Anyway, I have fairly large cauliflower type fingers and am having difficulty fingering the chords without also touching other strings! Any advice – apart from shaving my fingers!!!!???

  20. My fingers hurts, is that normal?

  21. Adalyn autumn fether


  22. I saw your lessons in which you show how to tune the guitar but I can still not tune mine well.. any suggestions?

  23. I rlly wanna play guitar

  24. why do they number the string upside down? it really makes it harder,i mean the top one in the pic should be the thickes not the other way

  25. Gurunath Mavinkurve

    Absolutely awesome!

  26. Andy , Please help me out here… What is the Real meaning of 'learning' a guitar ???

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