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Guitar Lesson 2 – EASY 2 CHORD SONG & LEAD GUITAR [10 Day Guitar Starter Course]

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This 10 Day Starter Course is a ‘Youtube Friendly’ shorthand version of my Full Beginners Course!

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  1. I didn't see the capo recommendation list or link…😶😶

  2. Thank You So Much!

  3. You explain things so calm and thoroughly that it makes me want to practice more and do better!! Thank you Andy 🙂

  4. thanks a lot!

  5. Rhay’s ProjecT

    so hard

  6. Gustavo Pierangeli

    Dude your videos really have helped me out man… I'm glad I found them cause the others out there weren't helping at all.

  7. I just can't get the chords to sound good…

  8. ur eveything is good but neck digram is opposite i have strugggled a lot

  9. Andy, it's people like you who make the internet a great place.

  10. Thanks for an introduction to tabs here. What I struggle with personally is understanding how my fingers are supposed to go for tabs that have two or three strings plucked at the same time. While the tab tells me which strings to compress, it doesn't say which fingers to use. Good video. Thank you.

  11. He looks like a prisoner from the shawshank redemption in that jacket 😂

  12. Andy does it go a on the top the the D on the bottom. Please respond

  13. I'm pretty stuck in d chord

  14. Day 2 – done… several times lol This 3 digit A is still a new thing for me…

  15. izumi texidor-hirai

    I'm keeping at it!

  16. Cheers Andy!

  17. Greatest place

  18. Thank you so much for this channel Andy !!!!

  19. Well done Andy thank you

  20. I can't get the first string right in D chord!!

  21. I would like to say thanks for teaching me im an 13 yr old boy from the Philippines and i learned to play guitar because of you

  22. Not a teaching video series

  23. Kent Michael Galang

    for those who want the d 😉

  24. Me: There's no such thing as any easy guitar tutorial.
    Watches Andy Guitar
    Also me:

  25. as far as checked your account you can play guitar and piano Andy and you are a singer as well, you have my respect man, love your lessons.

  26. Aradilla Mohd Noor

    im little confusing here…do you strumed all the strings when playing A chord and D chord?? because at first you say you want to miss out the E string during playing A chord.

  27. indeed good lesson

  28. Do they make guitars for fat fingered people? I find the A Major difficult.

  29. i had to slow down the video to 0.75 it actually helps to practice

  30. Hello, Andy Guitar I just want to say that you are an excellent guitar teacher since you are not focus on theory. Something I like about it is that you use the chords in a meaningful way by using real songs. I love the way you connect the previous lesson with the new one at the begging of the videos by doing warm up activities. There is no doubt that you were the teacher I was looking for to boost the basic guitar chords. congrats and regards.

  31. D chord is so hard I tried 100 times

  32. I have fat fingers so this D cord is getting to me.

  33. HI Andy, greetings from the US. I am enjoying the videos. I bought 2 of your books to pitch in. Keep up the great work!!

  34. played the riff awesomely

  35. is that a must to use the same fingers as you? i personally find other fingers positions might be easier for me

  36. i wanna know what is the song in the video

  37. This motivates me

  38. That Canadian Manectric

    I picked up the ukulele less than a year ago and over the summer I mastered it. I even played it at a school concert, singing. If anyone here is having a hard time with the guitar, I would recommend starting with the ukulele. Not only does it have four strings, but most of the chords are the same (the d chord on the guitar is the g chord on the ukulele.) Anyways, good luck to anyone that is reading this.

  39. Awesome I like it ❤️

  40. This quickly became "play 3 hours a day XD"

  41. thus is lovely 😘😘

  42. Wow firat time to understand to learned reading musical notes or sign.tnak u so.much (:!

  43. Not liking chords

  44. Raymond labuan99


  45. Jacob Shaneyfelt

    A is the hardest for me

  46. birdy arrowsmith

    Now I gotta go buy a cappo 😐

  47. is the dying holding thing necessary

  48. Thank you so much for the focus on transitions that are easy to learn! I started learning in January with an online program, and never actually could play a song! so this is really a joy. I look forward to supporting your business. 🙂

  49. Thank you so much for the focus on transitions that are easy to learn! I started learning in January with an online program, and never actually could play a song! so this is really a joy. I look forward to supporting your business. 🙂

  50. You are awesome

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