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Guitar Lesson 6 – EASY Fingerstyle & Minor Chords – Ain’t no sunshine Tutorial

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  1. You're a pro Andy, keep it up

  2. Mecca Glietz Lambayan

    I'm seriously struggling with the plucking, the string sometimes doesn't sound. Am I the only one?

  3. Im having difficulty seeing which strings hes plucking on each of the chords other than the thumb string. On the A he explained it more but afterwards it went a bit fast even with rewinding thrice. Can someone help me out?

  4. Brenda Prinsloo

    This is difficult. I can't get the plucking right and the explanation is insufficient on all the cords where the plucking fingers should be ☹

  5. bibesh adhikari

    Wow …I am very much thankfull to you for teaching me this songss…..

  6. I love all your videos but this one you went a bit fast when practicing

  7. very helpful but the picking was a bit not clear

  8. Hey, thanks for the 10 days guitar lesson. I’m the beginner of guitar player, but can you perfectly show the guitar cords you used. May be it’s too tough for the beginner to catch the cords 😓

  9. Finger picking doesn't work at all with a nylon guitar ]:
    Anyone got some advice?

  10. I love you man, your videos help me so much, thank you!

  11. I found it easier to move fingers 2&3 from the Am chord up one string for Em, then swing the the third finger over to 3rd fret low E for the G chord. Also if you use fingers 2&3 for Em you can position your index finger on the high E fret one which helps with a quicker chord change to Dm.
    Hope this makes sense folks, it definitely helped me play this song much faster.
    By the way Andy, many thanks, keep up the great tutorials.

  12. I like the song

  13. Cynical Dodgyknees

    Oh Andy! What a teacher. In over 40 years of trying to play classical and getting nowhere and very frustrated, I've found your site. From day one I started enjoying playing again. Now looking for any excuse to pick up the guitars. I'll never be a rock god but who cares. My dogs love it (I think! 🙂 )

  14. Best beginners course ever, for a 38 yo

  15. What a great voice !!

  16. Thats not G major. why would u only use 2 fingers?

  17. lovely song. It´s not only lessons for the guitar it´s also about basi music culture

  18. Loving my guitar lessons Andy. Everyday I can't wait to my practice time!

  19. I can't play D minor chord

  20. The plucking doesn't sort out for me haha 🙁

  21. Hi! How do you pluck and keep your hand from glaring out? My hand isn’t big enough to keep the heel of my hand on the guitar body whilst plucking.

  22. I have to agree this has to be the best guitar lesson out there. Im just starting out after trying for years. I was taught a few chords years ago by a friend but we have both moved on and this has relit my guitar fire. Just Brilliant and teaches some great tunes too. If I can do it at 54 then anyone can, Im at lesson 7 and loving it. Forgot I need to get used to the tips of my fingers toughening up again though.  Cheers Andy.

  23. You are the best sir…. The way you explain everything is so clear and amazing..

  24. Andy had dinner?

  25. These lessons are perfect, Andy! Thanks.

  26. Andy crolli

  27. Aint no sunshine when she's thump pluged.

  28. Hi andy
    Great work helping me alot as beginner,👍
    Whn u r cmg up with andy's guitar app waiting for it

  29. Love u andy! Thanks!

  30. Billy Herrington

    I see a certain pattern in the views to your videos, so the first one got roughly a million views, the second one got around 350k and the third one got 220+K. After that it's 100.000 and less. So either people got a lot better inbetween your videos that they didn't need your lessons anymore, or… more likely (and this is very sad) they gave up. Anyways, love your vids man, keep it up! =)

  31. I can't keep up…ha ha ha…yet enjoying…numb tips..thanxs..

  32. You are fucking amazing man, you deserve all credit for me learning to play the guitar. Keep up the great work!

  33. Esteban GraciaLeon

    Thank youuuu meeeen!!!

  34. So for the E minor you put your first finger on the 5th string, but you never pluck that string. What's the point of that?

  35. Awesome tutorial – loving it!!!!  You have the BEST tutorials of any I've seen on YouTube or anywhere.  Keep on giving us more lessons!  God Bless you, you are such an awesome teacher!!!!!!!!!!

  36. TheGuyWhoIsAustralian

    I've learnt more from you in two days than I in 1year of lessons in school.

  37. when i was plucking with my three fingers it wasn't sounding right, I had to press the strings a bit harder to get the sound right.

  38. Mohammed Sawaie

    How is this easier than using a pick:p

  39. Andy. Over the years I've tried so many times to learn how to play guitar, I've been retired for a year now and decided to try for one last time… I followed your 10 day beginners course and I have finally started to play music. THANK YOU FOR CLEAR LESSONS. Tony Crouch

  40. Is it okay to just pick base key stram down?

  41. Andy you should have your own postage stamp it would sell like hot tea in the morning

  42. I used to hate using a pick.. now I can barely play without it xD

  43. watching the whole series again just because I love the way Andy talks, so soothing

  44. Comsat Class Representative

    You are cool Sir , 🙂

  45. Thanks for all of these! I have noodled around on guitar and even written a couple songs, but never really had the focus or time or money or courage etc. etc. to properly learn. Or, I'd start with a song I loved that was actually too hard and get discouraged. I'm having a lot of fun and already so happy i can play Wild Thing, Oh La La and this song!? (I mean… I know HOW to play them, and play them slowly…:) ) I honestly didn't think I could get this finger picking thing and I have… now it's just a matter of practicing which is enjoyable because you keep it simple yet informative and you have great songs and enthusiasm. Your English accent helps too, I think 😉

  46. I'm actually learning something here! Thank you so much
    You make learning the guitar very easy and fun 🙂

  47. too bad I can't sing

  48. These lessons are great! Helped me a lot! More than a lot!  You're a great teacher! Thanks

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