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Guitar Lesson for Complete Beginners: Common Questions About Getting Started (BC-101)

In this Guitar Lesson for Complete Beginners: Common Questions About Getting Started (BC-101) I answer some of the very common questions that beginners ask about learning to play the guitar.

The Justinguitar Beginners Guitar Course, a series of over 100 lessons on guitar for beginners. Text support is on the web site and also in a proper old skool paper book which can be ordered from the web site of your local music store 🙂

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  1. Shekinah Emmanuel.

    Oh my god…sir where have you been my entire life …i bought a guitar 2 years ago but literally didn't know how to play ..i was getting mad and now i found your site…Thank you so much for helping me.

  2. Hey, im not sure if you still check this, but how many changed should one be able to make in a minute before moving on to the next lesson? Im about 32-35

  3. Nice….coc

  4. Top man! great teacher and like his style of teaching.Its comprehensive but also very enjoyable.

  5. My name is Bill. I am 72 and want to play about 10 cords and about 40 songs. Any suggestions?

  6. Shifff William

    You are the best Justin.. I started learning from your YouTube BC lessons sometime back and I'm really becoming good😊
    Thanks for your free lessons, I don't have money now but I've promised myself to pay you something for sure in coming time. 😊 just a token of love bro.

  7. Hi Justin I hope this isn't a redundant question but do you have any suggestions on buying my first beginning guitar? I am a petite girl and I have heard there are different neck widths. And would like a more narrow neck so my fingers reach better. And I want to spend no more than $300 on my first guitar. can you steer me towards some suggestions? And whether or not I should do steel string or synthetic string or whatever you might call what the strings are made out of. Would really appreciate some guidance on this. Thank you so much!

  8. do u offer a tab song book?

  9. Lúthien Tinúviel

    Hi Justin! The fact that younger people learn to play instruments faster than older people is due to different BRAIN PLASTICITY. Brains of young people are still developing and new neural connections are made and connections not being used are pruned, hence it is easier to establish new neuronal connections, which are associated with playing an instrument. A human brain is fully developed at around 30 years of age, therefore if you start learning when you're an adult (like me), it'll be much more difficult. Also, neurons have projections called axons, which are insulated with a protein called myelin. The more myelin the better and faster neurons communicate with each other. People who started playing young have more myelin and have better 'muscle memory'* because of that. *such thing doesn't exist really, muscles don't have memory 🙂

  10. i was bored one day and picked up a guitar, found your youtube channel and started learning. You are fantastic!! I now have my very own guitar and continue to learn and grow through your vids. so THANK YOUUU.

  11. Which hand should be the hand you use to play chord

  12. Thank you Justin , for making my life so beautiful. It was a long learning journey for me which is still going on. But this, this was the video from where everything was started. Thank you again.

    Mrigank S

  13. I am a student who don't want have really good teachers, a virtual teacher like you really helps

  14. Lindsey Danielle

    You're adorable. I already play but wanna kinda take these to improve on some things

  15. I'll be receiving my guitar today, so I will definitely start with your beginner course this evening ! I am 53 years old, and hope that it is never to late to learn this skill !

  16. Brilliant, just brilliant. Today my spare room, tomorrow the world. Cheers Justin just what I needed.

  17. Thank you for your awesomeness Justin!

  18. I need to learn Guitar.

  19. Larry Loetscher

    you are amazing

  20. hello Justine, kindly tell me the difference between your Guitar Lesson for Complete Beginners videos the one with 72 videos and the one with 103 videos to me they alike….

  21. I practice about an hour a day is that ok?

  22. Lucas Fontenot

    Your awesome man. Used to watch Marty music (who is great) but he is no where near as organized and detailed as you are. I'm progressing faster than ever. Thanks man

  23. just leaving this comment here. i'm gonna learn to play guitar with this playlist. i actually started third or fourth week of february learning from this beginners course playlist. thank you justin. 🙂

  24. playing guitar for 25 years??? how old aree you??

  25. Melliza Rose Lim

    Thank you Justin for making this video. It is great help for a newbie like me who wants to learn guitar. keep it up =)

  26. Are the lines supposed to always stay on finger tips?

  27. Hi Justin. Do you have a lesson on the B Chord? Cant seem to find it in your selection

  28. Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Chris Evans?

  29. I came to your channel through recommendations on Reddit. I'm deffinitely going to be going through this whole guide. I've just been playing bits of songs for a little while, but I'm glad to finally have some guidance now. I can't wait to start.

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