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Guitar Lesson – How To Play Your First Chord

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  1. Worship Tutorials

    So after all the references to Liza, I looked her up. And then I got it. For the record, the audio bumper in this is a stock Apple track that ships with all their pro audio apps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. you're fabulous! Did help Me..

  3. fuck


  5. I love the music you played for in the first lesson for the D

  6. Thanks, Brian!

  7. What guitar is preferable for beginners?

  8. MusicLover123 MusicLover123

    Well I donโ€™t quite have a guitar yet but I would love to learn how to play the guitar. Iโ€™m very good at rhythm but melody nope ?.

  9. I struggle so much learning the guitar because I have my hands the opposite way. ?

  10. What kind of piano is that

  11. oceanblue christnineangel

    Very clear instruction
    Thanks so much WT

  12. Super hard

  13. Found it so helpful…..keep up with same vigour

  14. Ma. Mercedes Uyanib

    Really helpful. I am 32 and I had this dream to play a guitar. If I can play even just a single song it would be an accomplishment. I just brought a guitar hoping it's not too late for me.

  15. Thank you so much for teaching me ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Does anybody know what kind of guitar he used in the video

  17. In not stops I just don't know how to play chords!

  18. This is so helpful. Thanks a lot for doing this video โ˜บ

  19. This was very helpful thank you

  20. Hsshhdhjjjdijjdjdhdbdb my solge

  21. Love the idea of the tennis ball helpful

  22. This is great, thank you!! I've had a guitar for years and never really learned how to play. I can't wait to practice more!

  23. Thank you. Amen.

  24. Thank you for the post. I love singing to god and recently thought about learning to play but just for him so this is perfect to just try to learn a bit.. Thank you

  25. What happened if you don't โ—‹, x and numbers

  26. Applegrace Relano


  27. hello Bryan are you still with us ? i am just join u to day and i hope to continue to the end i love guitar i wanted to learn

  28. Faye07 Priltenorio

    more video please it can help a lot to my daughter thank you..

  29. i wanna cry, it looks so hard like i dunno how to begin, first problem is, i dont have guitar

  30. That liza koshy music tho

  31. Heeeelppp my guitar pick is inside my guitar ???

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