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Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City – How to Play on guitar – Guitar Lesson tutorial

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Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty!!! yeah yeeeeeahhhhhhhh!!!

Hope you enjoy the lesson, thanks for liking and sharing the videos and spreading the good vibes!!!



  1. Nancy Ghosalkar

    Paradise city solo next plz. U do awsome vids

  2. aceman25 - Gaming

    Please more grateful dead

  3. Marty can you tell me what is this effect?

  4. 41min no thanks

  5. Thanks so much you are so talented

  6. damnit! i have an acoustic guitar but will it still work?

  7. Marty, I am slowly becoming the rock star I was meant to be! Thanks to you my friend!! You are such an amazing guitar player and you’re twice the teacher any of these other peeps have to offer! You and the Stash’ Poppa Stash ♥️ U both!

  8. Good tone in the intro

  9. Hey, mate! Can you do the Don't Cry solo? I cant transcript the final part… it's too fast for me…. pllleeezzz

  10. ZacTheMenace GAMING

    If u listen to the picking of the intro u can hear its slightly different from this one. the string pattern in this video is E B G E B G E B G B but the song is actually E B G E B E B G B. Listen to it yourself 👍

  11. Thanks again, buddy!

  12. I wonder how many players you have made look great? A great many I would asume.

  13. Christian Fanaro

    thank you marty one again you impress me!!!!

  14. Its funny how I thought slash was using a stratocaster when I'm still 2 months guitar player 2 years later 1 vintage actually costs up to 800,000$

    BTW:I can finish SCOM with solo
    ,but seriously I can

  15. Knallsack 123456

    Which effects were used? How did you set up the amp?

  16. Would you be able to do For Those About to Rock by AC/DC?

  17. What effects ?

  18. Perfect! Thank you a lot for this treat tutorial!!! It make it easy to play this great song!

  19. Viktor Tranders Rebbe 4b Balleskolen

    OMG YOU ARE SO NICE MARTY if Slash leave the band put this guy og you marty you Are legend

  20. love u marrrrrrty bro

  21. I like the way you play this.

  22. Always a great lesson when it’s a song by Guns N’ Roses!

  23. Hey i was wondering if you can do any avenged sevenfold songs thanks

  24. wouldnt a tab be so much better

  25. downloading is not hapenning

  26. "you suck marty" said my friend. He is no longer my friend. He is no longer alive either.

  27. Random Teen Musician

    Good song. He’s a great teacher and I’ve been a sub since the beginning of this channel and other, but his slight out of tuneness is really bothering me. Like I said, great teacher and when you tune down you normally are out of tune after a few bends.

  28. I love guns n roses and I like guitar so cool!

  29. Jeannie Thomassie

    I learn’t everything I needed to learn from the minute and a half intro, you are an amazing teacher dude.

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