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Hello by Adele Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Super Easy Beginner Acoustic Songs

Check out how to play one of the newest Adele hits, “Hello”! I’ll slow it down and walk you through it!


  1. Keep doing what your doing!

  2. Any feeder songs yo know how to play like seven days in the sun

  3. Marty, thanks for the great tutorials. I really enjoy the blues music theory lessons. My wife loves Adele so I learned this for her to sing along. Small arguement ensued because I was playing it wrong. It is Em, G, D, C. Your lesson has the wrong chord order. Still love ya!

  4. Can you do a video on barre chords?

  5. I use the exact same chords and almost exact strumming pattern for John Legend – All Of Me lol

  6. Been playing with you for a year and Joined Guitarjamz great teacher thank you for helping me follow my dreams

  7. marty, you're awesome! thanks so much for the lessons! You've have helped me so much!

  8. brilliant vid marty love your stuff!

  9. Those are the exact chords as all of me

  10. Here we GOOOO!!!

  11. I'm a beginner and appreciate these vids very much. Thinking about taking the premium course…would be helpful for newbs if in your vids you either slowed down considerably on — and/or typed out — the strum patterns in the description (down/up/down/down, etc) as it's hard to get them all written down properly because they're said and played so fast. I'll probably improve as I practice and learn, but this would help me and others like me…Thanks, Marty!

  12. hey marty
    i think you got the order of chords wrong, because i tried to sing along as i was playing it
    it's supposed to be Em,G,D,C
    other than that, a great lesson – as always (:

  13. Been here since GuitarJamz!!?
    you're awesome!!

  14. The world has opened up since i found your Channel +MartyMusic Thanks A millions Man ~!!!

  15. Can you do a tutorial on idfc by blackbear?????? Pls, you really good

  16. do you know one thing sir you made me strum the guitar salut you man!!!!!

  17. Can you play all time low?????????

  18. Marty, can you show us how to play the opening for Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay?

  19. hey marty been watching and playing with you for a few years (I been playing 24 years) but still learning and your a great teacher easy to follow lessons keep em coming  cheers

  20. Really great. All your videos are brilliant! Easy to learn guitar, and also a lot of fun. I have an appeal: Could you also teach the guitar solo in the middle of the song"tougher than the rest" from The Boss? It seems to be pretty easy, it is slow and it sounds great, but i haven't seen a lesson in the world wide web. Thanks a lot and keep going!

  21. Can I play this without a Capo? I'm a beginner at playing the guitar!

  22. Michael Salisbury

    you rock marty

  23. learn and teach "Facedown"- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Acoustic Version)

  24. BRILLIANT!!! I can now learn the guitar, keep on uploading!

  25. Lourens1920 Lourens1920

    hey marty, can you please do this is how you remind me

  26. go for it brother been playing along with you for a year really helped me keep em coming

  27. My brothers watched you for years and learned how to play because of it. You're a great instructor. Thanks good sir!

  28. Hey Marty, I am a non guitar player who teaches some guitar at a private school. Your lessons are always the ones I look for. Good, slow, thorough instruction and not a lot of chatter. 🙂 Started a girl on "Hello" and she is so excited!

  29. hey whats up marty! Could you do soutern sun by boy and bear or iron sky by paolo nutini?

  30. Hi Marty, can u do: The stone roses – She bangs the drums. on acoustic plz

  31. عالم البراعم

    You are among the best YouTube guitar teachers I appreciate your work:) I hope that u could bring us a lesson for sweet home Alabama. Thank you again

  32. can u play this song Marty >>onerepublic – counting stars<<

  33. Eeeey Marty!
    Please do a "The Godfather" theme song toturial! Awesome song from an awesome teacher!

  34. Hey Marty, thanks for all the lessons. You should do a "This must be the Place" cover by the talking heads. native melody!

  35. Jonathon Jeffries

    can you do a lesson for "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" by Panic! at the Disco?

  36. yaaaay Marty is back!!!

  37. Can you do tangerine be led Zeppelin

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